Monday, September 29, 2008

YES ON PROP 8 ADS start...they hate us, they really really hate us

Make sure when you view these, you don't have anything break-able around.

Please. We all need YOU. Yes, you. Give often, give as much as you can.

Please remember people like Lawrence King, Sean Kennedy and Matthew Shepard and the countless other young people that have been MURDERED just for being gay.

NO ON 8.


Gib said...

Thanks for sharing these... And thanks for the warning!

Thankfully, the tide is turning on public opining. Read polls. Check google trends. And talk to people and we will defeat this.

Reggie said...

It's so incredibly laughable to have thrice-married adulterer and deadbeat dad Newt Gingrich shilling for the "sanctity of marriage". Newt dumped his cancer-stricken 1st wife. When his pastor criticized him for not supporting his two kids financially and skipping out on child support. He then left the church. Newt dumped his 2nd wife after cheating on her with the Congressional aide who is now his 3rd wife.

Daniel Frank said...

Not sure if you noticed this already.

In the final video clip you posted they supposedly showed 4 million symbols representing the 4 million people who voted in favor of "protecting" marriage in 2000.

The only symbols they showed are the traditional symbol representing the male gender...whats next overturning the entire women's sufferage movement?

Just an observation...

Paula Goldberg said...

Hey JD - Did you see that Google came out on their blog as "no on 8" - pretty cool. Here is the link if you want to post.

Moe said...

Even with the warning, I think I threw up in my own mouth. People are really expected to take anything that Newt of a man says anymore...really? The guy that abandoned his first wife, refused to pay child support, and his now married to the woman he cheated on his second wife with is supposed to come across as a moral authority?
Throw up. In the mouth.