Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Major Motion Pictures: Out Now with Out Stars

Summer blockbuster season is almost upon us, but this late spring brings us more than one major motion picture with an out gay actor in the top credits.


Jodie Foster quietly came out at a Women in Film brunch last year. CNN covered it, then that was that.

But meanwhile, she's out and she's gay and she's starring in one of the top ten films at the box office.

Foster stars as a reclusive novelist of romantic action books like, um, Kathleen Turner's role in ROMANCING THE STONE. The Michael Douglas part however is played by hunky Gerald Butler from PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and he's actually her imaginary friend, not her love interest.

Foster steals away to an island after a distress call from a young fan, Nim, played by LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE's Abigail Breslin. Nim is Foster's polar opposite, open to the world and outgoing, but they both share the magic gift of imagination. Nim has been living alone on this island with her father (also played by Butler) who has since gone missing. The two women then embark on an adventure to find him.

This is a family movie getting moderately good reviews, so if you have kids head on down to the theatre!


Reviews are pretty bad so far for HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY, but still it stars out actor Neil Patrick Harris, aka Doogie Homo, MD in a star turn playing himself.
A concept made famous a few years back in BEING JOHN MALKOVICH.

In this century's CHEECH AND CHONG franchise, Harold and Kumar accidentally get mistaken for terrorists after their bong gets mistaken for a bomb on a plane, which puts them on a fast track to Guantanamo Bay.

So basically it's very DUDE, WHERE'S MY WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS?

As mentioned, the reviews have been horrible, but you know, if you want to support a gay in a film and you smoke pot, toke up, order a huge bucket of corn and feel good about your box
office dollars going to at least a film with political humour, a gay, a Korean and a Middle Eastern star whilst waiting for the sequel, HAROLD AND KUMAR DESPERATELY SEARCH FOR A GOOD SCREENWRITER & DIRECTOR.

Or just buy a ticket to this then go see something else.
Come on, you've never done that?

Remember, when movies make money at the box office, small minded idiots known in Los Angeles as studio executives do some new math to conjecture why a film did well, which will ultimately lead to a green light another film with similar elements.

All this is leading up to the gay of the gay: SEX AND THE CITY, THE MOVIE!!!!!

Which could also be called AARP AND THE CITY, since all these leading ladies are pushing or past 50.

I remember reading somewhere that SEX AND THE CITY is basically about gay men. So I admit, whilst watching season after season, that's how I saw it.

Come on, it's all about sleeping around, cosmos, fashion and searching for that perfect daddy.

Chelsea boy much!?

This film is made by gays and starring an out-lesbian actress of stage and screen Cynthia Nixon (who recently played a famous lesbian ELEANOR ROOSEVELT in WARM SPRINGS last year).

May 30th - This is where your gay dollars should go!!!!

When this film opens well, remember said studio execs will look at the numbers and think things like, "Wow, women can open a movie!" (which we now know thanks to BABY MAMA, a film only doing well because Pohler and Fey are BELOVED!), "Older women can star in a movie!" and my favorite, "A lesbian can play a straight character in a major motion picture."

out actress Cynthia Nixon with out actor TR Knight.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Things to Do In LA When You're Gay

In honor of my recent, full coverage of the White Party and Dinah Shore Weekend, I thought I'd devote a little space to things you can do if you're gay that don't involve liquor, drugs, six pack abs, disco balls, crawling back to your Palm Springs hotel room in the morning with the same clothes as last night, $12 beers and/or half naked men (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

First, there's the Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Business Mixer

May 01st, 2008
First Thursday at East|West - 6 - 8 p.m.
East|West Lounge
8851 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069

Los Angeles Conservancy Presents
the 22nd Annual


May 28 – July 2, 2008

Join the Conservancy on Wednesday evenings this summer for another fantastic season of classic films and live entertainment in the historic theatres of Los Angeles.

See classic movies in classic movie palaces!

For more information and tickets click here.

SOLD OUT! May 28 - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes -Los Angeles Theatre

SOLD OUT! June 4 - Mildred Pierce Million Dollar Theatre

June 11 Goldfinger Orpheum Theatre

June 18 Young Frankenstein Los Angeles Theatre

June 25 El rey del barrio Million Dollar Theatre

July 2 Silent Comedy Classics: Orpheum Theatre

A major Los Angeles theater event!

Mister Paradise, The Palooka, And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens

Last fall the Actors Studio workshopped the L.A. premiere of recently discovered one-act plays by the American theater master Tennessee Williams. Now the Center is continuing the premiere with the same brilliant cast and one new play.

The casts include: Chris Carver, Brian Foyster, Jack Heller, Melissa Lechner, Jason Lopez, Timothy V. Murphy, Jonathan Runyon and Chris Rydell.

March 21-June 8
Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm

The Davidson/Valentini Theatre
The Village at Ed Gould Plaza
Tickets: $20
click here to order tickets.

That’s What She Said

April, 30 2008 at Macha Theatre
1107 N. Kings Rd, West Hollywood, California 90069
Cost : $20
Tickets and info click here.

That’s What She Said is your one-stop shop for Lesbian music and comedy. Combining every style of music from jazz, rap, folk, disco, power ballad, light opera, torch song – even tasteful pornography underscore.

That’s What She Said celebrates the quirks and stereotypes in Lesbian culture.

Here's a little preview:

film screening
WATER LILIES Wednesday, May 7, 7:30pm Rigler Theatre @ The Egyptian

Water Lilies

Special sneak preview!

Dir. CĂ©line Sciamma, France, 2007, 85 min.

Lesbian desire and teenage angst are working overtime among three 15-year-old girls in a Parisian suburb. Floriane is the blonde bombshell star of the synchronized swimming team and the object of affection to gawky Marie, who positions herself as Floriane’s confidante and covers for Floriane’s sexual escapades with her boyfriend. Meanwhile chubby Anne realizes her friendship with Marie is being threatened by Marie’s growing obsession with Floriane. Told with honesty and unflinching realism, director Sciamma’s first feature expertly taps into the psyche and social dynamics of teenage girls in this rich coming-of-age tale.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Glaad Media Awards Salutes the Gayest Films and Television

Okay darlings, I have to say the HIGHLIGHT of the evening was the opening BIT by Kathy Griffin.

Griffin brought on stage the newest star of her reality show MY LIFE ON THE D LIST, her mother clocking in at 89 years old.

Kathy asked her about the extent of her gay knowledge since moving to West Hollywood.

First let me say this, Kathy would not tell the GLAAD people what she was going to do.

The bit went on like this:
Kathy: "So mom, what's in with the gay community these days, "
Mom: "Abs"
Kathy: "What's out with the gay community?" Mom: "Carbs".
"Mom has your gaydar gotten better with age or is it like hearing?" Mom: "No it's gotten better."
Kathy: "Mom what's the gayest thing you've ever done."
Mom: "Shopping." Kathy: "If you could could hop the fence for any lesbian who would it be?"
Mom: "Suzie Ormond".
Kathy: "Mom, would you like to thank the entire community for supporting me all these years so you don't have to?"
Mom "Yes. Thank you."
Kathy, "And finally, who is the gayest person in this room?"
Mom, after a beat looking out in the audience, "Is Ryan Seacrest here?"

Okay, so you can imagine how 2400 homos BURST out laughing over that one!

What you might not know is that after the New York Glaad Award host Graham Norton made a gay joke about Ryan Seacrest last week, the Glaad people stepped in and basically forbid anyone to make a gay Ryan Seacret joke.

Since Kathy didn't run her jokes by them, of course it slipped in. Let's see if it makes the BRAVO broadcast.

Kathy won BEST REALITY SHOW. I remember the first time I heard Kathy speak, which was at a Center fundraiser years before her big gay stardom.

She was so eloquent and absolutely unforgiving of homophobia. It was a wonderful, heartfelt and even ANGRY speech, full of humour and I am not surprised years later, the gay community has embraced her.

Anyway, onto the rest of the evening. My gift bag vlog is at the end.

Sara Silverman
Sarah Silverman from the GLAAD nominated Sarah Silverman Show.

Jennifer Biels glaad 2008 awards
Jennifer Biels is a big ole lezzie on Showtimes THE L WORD, a Glaad Nominated show in the best drama category.

Leslie Jordan, who can be seen next in LOGO's much anticipated new series SORDID LIVES.

jeremy glazer glaadActor/producer Jeremy Glazer with out recording star Guy B.

The boys love the Field. She is currently starring as the matron of a wealthy dysfunctional family in SoCal in the winner of the best drama award BROTHERS & SISTERS.

Test your Sally Knowledge. In what film/show did she star as 1) A woman married to God 2) A Union Organizer 3) A woman with more than one personality! and the bonus question, what superstar hunk who ruled the Box Office in the 1970's was her paramour for a while? Answers below.

tr knight glaad media awards 2008TR Knight with his sig other Mark (far right) and someone I don't know!

Meow. Nice kitty. The boys (and girls) all love Candis Cayne. The first and only...ONLY BABIES...Trans star playing a positive Trans character on network television in DIRTY SEXY MONEY.

glaad media awards neil giuliani ugly betty 2008 gayStars of one of the GAYEST shows on television UGLY BETTY and to prove it, they won the BEST COMEDY award. These kids had a lot of fun at the after party! .

The show's creator Silvio Horta said in his acceptance speech, "I wanted to make a show with Latino characters, African Americans and gay characters. Those pesky network execs had me add some straight white people too."

Tom and Jason, from our fabulous VIP dinner table.
Joe, Craig and I believe Emily.

William Barrantes from Ariztical and friend.

With out actress Patricia Melone.

Out actor David Dean Bottrell (aka Lincoln Meyer from Boston Legal) and one of his adoring fans.

With Jessica and Parker, both whom I know from our work at HRC.

Michelle, from OUT@ Warner Brothers at the rocking after party at East/West.

Jenny and her GF sneaking out early.

Fitz, Sean and Lezzie Lizzie

Cindy Crawford accepted the award for Herb Ritts
I had a blast with these lesbians at the end of the night!! Samantha Sprecher from the OUTFEST board with wife Monica and Pia Glenn, a woman who knows Stephen Sondheim! Personally. Like he calls her on her cel phone!!!

Jeff and Adam. Bitches sat in the second row!!!

Out actor Wilson Cruz and ubergaydirectorproducer Q Allan Brocka.

Me with our Ladies of Logo, Nicol Paone (The Big Gay Sketch Show) and Andrea James (TransAmerican Love Story)

The winner in the best gay film category was THE BUBBLE. This is actually an incredible film about roommates and friends living in Tel Aviv and what happens when an Israeli boy starts dating a Pakistanian boy. It's hysterically funny, sweet and real, then ultimately sad and horrifying.

To check out it out, go here:

I'm going to apologize now for this vlog.

I have to admit, it's hard to continue to do my gift bag vlogs without my cohost, Jack the Cat who died last month. The other freeloaders that live with me were not good cohosts, as you can tell from this vlog. Plus, it was 3 am and I was EXHAUSTED.

I do go over the highlights of the evening, including what Janet Jackson wore, how Christina Crawford's legs looked, and Ellen's funny bit at the end of the show.

Please everyone, take the time in the next week or so to visit the network web sites and VIEW the winners and nominees. We need to support those who support us. If you click on these shows on their network page, you are showing support. I've made it easy for you by including the links below.

Degrassi High

Listen people, we have a lot of ENEMIES. When Jerry Falwell or James Dobson tell their millions of constituents to boycott advertisers of gay shows, THEY DO IT. So please... help those who help us. All you have to do is click on these links to let the powers that be KNOW that you watch these shows.

Kisses. Really. I mean it, kisses.

FYI, The good photos above are care of Brian Putnam and Absolut.

SALLY FIELD answers: 1) The Flying Nun, 2) Norma Rae 3) Sybil 4) Burt Reynolds