Friday, April 11, 2008

Exciting Upcoming Events in Town!

I know all you boys are going to white party next weekend in Palm Springs (it'll be so nice and quiet having West Hollywood to us lesbians), so when you're out there don't miss the Upright Cabaret! It benefits The Trevor Project, the suicide hotline for at risk lgbt youth.

A cause near and dear to my seniors! Come to this wonderful event (above) and give back to the seniors, the folks that paved the way for us. This benefits SAGE, the longest running group supporting LGBT seniors.

Be a part of the biggest gay event of the year! Come sit at table and be near Janet Jackson, TR Knight and every gay person and gay loving person in the business.

Buy tickets here and click on THESMOKINGCOCKTAIL under host to sit with me.

Click on any of the above invites to enlarge.

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