Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jackie Warner Hosts Tan for a Cause

So Sunday afternoon, everyone traipsed over to the tanning salon for a huge reality star benefit hosted by Jackie Warner.

I'm not sure what the benefit was for, but considering 4 of my friends currently have skin cancer, I suspect it shoulda been for the cancer association!

Although, you can certainly have your tan sprayed on there, which these days - even as a former Miami sun bunny myself - I recommend.

Jackie Warner, out lesbian star of Bravo's WORK OUT showed nipple. Yea! Jackie! Fabulous outfit and kudos for taking a nod to our gay icon Cher from her days of both wowing and saying fuck you with her fabulous red carpet outfits.

Otherwise, I felt terribly out of place at the event. It was all slick Hollywood cuties, lots of cameras taking photos of people I don't know who were all pretty full of themselves.

I ran into buddy Dennis Hensley, who I had just worked with last week, and we huddled together in one of the tanning rooms. I noticed a frozen yogurt in his hands and was starring at it like it was the holy grail or my next three picture deal. "They're giving them out in the back, " he said. So I hurried through the crowds of gorgeous half naked men, boob job women, paparazzi, past the free liquor and I have never been so happy in my life when I got that yogurt.

I returned to the little haven of the cubby hole of a tanning booth with Dennis, where we talked to NIP/TUCK creator Ryan Murphy. Although I was feeling unsocial, I enjoyed hearing about his next directing effort EAT PRAY LOVE starring Julie Roberts. He told us all about it, and I mentioned all my lesbian friends had been reading it. The girls kept trying to get me into it, but I told them I'd probably enjoy a book called DRINK SNARK SMOKE more.

I also ran into Ethan Petersen from the JANICE DICKENSON modeling agency, who mentioned he saw their clients in our SHELTER ads. I thanked him profusely, as they gave us absolutely gorgeous models for our film at a deep pocket discount. He said but of course, it's gay film so we wanted to support. Here's one of their boys, Dominick, pictured right from the set of SHELTER.

There was an obvious dearth of lesbians at this event, but not at our event at the Standard which followed, our SHELTER SUNSET SOIREE, produced by Elliot London Productions.

We decided during the N2N fashion show to include two wonderful out actresses, Michelle Wolff and Cathy DeBuono. Why should the boys have all the fun!? Designer Andrew Makay just loved the idea of having lesbians also in his hot swim wear.

Here's highlights from that.

cathy debuono michelle wolff

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