Monday, April 14, 2008

Dinah Shore 2008: Cathy DeBuono interviews Michelle Wolff and the ladies of LOGO's "Gimme Sugar"

I caught up with the cast of LOGO's new reality show, GIMME SUGAR, poolside at the Doral at Dinah Shore Weekend 2008.

For those of you that live in Los Angeles, you've probably already been in this show if you frequent Fuse's TRUCK STOP, the lesbian dance night of mayhem and foxy young hipster ladies at here lounge in West Hollywood. The show was shot over the last few months there.

The show follows 5 young ladies as they attempt to start and promote a lesbian night club. GIMME SUGAR premieres on LOGO in June.

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Meanwhile, I tried to catch up with out actress Michelle Wolff at the Dinah, but it was very difficult what with all her appearances and being mobbed by fans and all.
 vlogger Cathy DeBuono ("What's Your Problem?") managed to get a quick interview with her at the here! network party on Saturday night.

Cathy is also an out actress herself having starred in EXES & OHS and OUT AT THE WEDDING in addition to an episode of 3WAY and who could forget, GAY PROPAGANDA.

Michelle Wolff has been an out actress since starring in the San Fran romantic comedy MANGO KISS, which was recently re released by Wolfe Video.

She also starred in the feature TRAPPED where she was the lesbian love interest of Alexendra Paul, and is currently a series regular playing Bri on here!'s voodoo/naked soap opera DANTE'S COVE

Michelle also starred in GAY PROPAGANDA, and if you see a trend here yes, I have known both these girls from way back when they were just baby dykes and I was just starting my career of making LGBT films.

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Here's the video of all the mayhem:

There's more Dinah Shore 2008 to come, so stay tuned!

To see Cathy's vlog, click below:

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