Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dishing with Jim Verraros on the set of ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL

jim verraros another gay sequel This past weekend I stopped by the set of ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL to visit the star, Jonah Blechman during their Hollywood shoot. How thrilled was I to run into Jim Verraros, who I barely recognized since he was dressed as a priest!

That's another story, and you'll have to catch him in ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL this summer to see what that's all about, but I managed to pull Jim out to the grip truck to get an update on his music, and some dish on the films he's worked on (see video below).

Jim was catapulted to fame FAST a few years back as one of the top ten finalist on the first season on AMERICAN IDOL. He was also the first - and for the longest time the only - out gay American Idol contestant.

Jim decided to come out in The Advocate during his run on the show because he wanted to provide a good role model for lgbt youth. "I didn't want to be one of those gays that goes, 'I'm going to change the world. Once I put down this apple martini.' I wanted to do what I say, and say what I do."

Verraros won over everyone's heart as the shy, aukward teen who used sign language during one of his numbers so his deaf parents could understand. Verraros always had a love of music, but grew up fast as he had to take care of his parents, and battle a weight problem.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, writer/director Q Allan Brocka (Boy Culture, Rick & Steve, Eating Out) was a huge fan of American Idol and decided on a whim to contact Jim to see if he'd star in the first EATING OUT movie. Jim accepted, which started his career as an out gay actor.

another gay sequelToday, he writes all the music and lyrics he records, and is currently working on releasing his third album.

In ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL, Jim is doing a rather racy scene with co star Perez Hilton, but racy is nothing new to this actor considering he starred in both EATING OUT and EATING OUT 2.

The rather quiet and introspective Verraros shared some insider stuff on Season One of IDOL, as well as some updates on his music, and some dish from EOSS and his part in ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL.

Here's our interview:

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