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If You Knew Dinah, Like I Knew Dinah - Lesbian Feuds at the Dinah Shore 2008

Hello darlings,

First, are there any male viewers left out there? After four days of non stop lezba-palooza, I can't imagine there are although I did try to sneak in male content with the Jane Lynch MUSICAL number, and the interview with Elaine Stritch (the later, I can't imagine any lesbian knowing), and of course, today's lesbian cat fight...which the boys seem to enjoy watching (note how many gay men watch The L Word!)

I have some juicy and exciting things coming up, so stayed tuned. I'm busy now making more gay movies, so I had to stop posting videos for a bit. I do have a wonderful at home visit with FOUR LETTER WORD/DANTE'S COVE star Charlie David and much, much more about the Dinah.

I visited Charlie at his home in Hollywood which he shares with three straight boys! It's a mixed up fraternity house there! Stay tuned for that.

Seriously, I have about 9 hours of footage from Dinah Shore and it's always a constant debate about whether I can actually broadcast any of it since it seriously was girls behaving badly. But I have entire interviews with Rachel Shelley, Michelle Wolff, Cathy DeBuono and much much more, so stay tuned.

Regarding your question of BE SCENE....well.... my friend Canned Heat (that's the one in the body suit) actually roped me into that. I guess it was hard to be selected since there were only 10 entries in this competition. We did a scene from THE L WORD called "Helena is a slut".

The other girls in the group are all friends of mine, Alex, Ilene and Canned Heat, but I had just met Mel, who ended up playing Helena in the skit. She decided it would be funny if she did it like Barbara Streisand, and believe me, it was!!

There was an odd and total clamp down on who could cover any L WORD stars at The Dinah. I guess Ilene Chaiken wants to keep all their stuff on, so they didn't grant interviews to other web sites (hence the video where we had to sneak into the press conference). The word on the street is they don't want any web traffic going to ANOTHER web site, driving up their hits, because of the stars and show they created.

I guess there is a bit of a competition between and, so they are getting a little proprietary about their content. So if you want to see L Word stars, you have to go to Meanwhile, is creating their own celebrities and promoting them (and they cover shows on here! and almost everywhere else)

Did we learn nothing from the lesson of Dawn Denbo? Why can't we all just work together? (more on that in a second!!) only wanted to cover The L Word, and not any LOGO or here! shows/stars, and meanwhile wouldn't let anyone else interview or photograph their stars!

Meanwhile, only wanted to interview their stars, and not here!'s or god forbid even interview me - a famous lesbian producer - about my #2 at the BOX OFFICE film, SHELTER, which has been called "the best gay film ever made".

Meanwhile, I'm a free agent, so I floated between both. I'm just curious about my readers... which one is your favorite lesbian site, or

Inquiring minds want to know.

I did party with and I do enjoy the staff of both, here!tv and - a bunch of really really fabulous girls (and boys). The folks at LOGO too, just WONDERFUL.... but....

The competition and subsequent feud between these two mammoth lesbian sites brings to mind another historic feud in the lesbian community.

As some of you know, the character of Dawn Denbo on The L Word is based on famed LA lesbian club promoter, Sandy Sachs, who in her day absolutely CRUSHED any and all competition on the nightlife scene.

In this video, you can see the real Sandy Sach's interviewed, then compare it to Elizabeth Keener doing the character Ilene Chaiken created, Dawn Denbo. You be the judge.

I even got hit up with my own drama when the here! network wanted me to stop shooting my web interviews since they claimed it allegedly was infringing on their "exclusive behind the scenes" documentary, LESBIAN SEX & SEXUALITY 2. Are you kidding me? I'm a news source, like a lesbo E!, I'm not making a doc, or covering the behind the scenes, I'm interviewing lesbian celebrities! Seriously, I was told to stop shooting these videos for you.

Meanwhile, everyone please see LESBIAN SEX & SEXUALITY 2 when it comes on here! and on dvd, since two fantastic lesbian producers were there all weekend catching all the dirt for you. It will give you even more behind the scenes dirt on The Dinah, believe me.

And it should be noted that the VP of original programming that oversees that show for here! is my ex girlfriend who even from the grave of our long dead relationship wants to make my life difficult.

And of course, I ignored the cease and desist and kept shooting anyway!!! Nobody owns TheSmokingCocktail, baby, and I'm going to keep promoting EVERYONE who is out, fabulous, talented and even SCANDALOUS in our business.

Check out's coverage, as well as's and see for yourself. You can also check out other coverage on (owned by the here! networks) and

Now, onto not totally unrelated other things....

Meanwhile, until I can produce fresh content for you, here's a glimpse at my favorite blog, The Daily Coyote .

I would suggest Ilene Chaiken, queen of, Sarah Warn, queen of and any other power lesbian that thinks getting ahead means dishing other lesbians instead of just producing good work, take a look and learn a lesson about getting along, even against all odds.

Believe me, after spending all weekend with feuding lesbians, it's a relief to look at these lovely, heart warming photos!

This blog is about a woman in the middle of nowhere that saves a little coyote pup, and it grows up with her and her cat Eli.

The three become a family and the blog is about their adventures.

Besides being cute as hell, it always reminds me that you should extend gentleness and kindness to all living creatures, and even the most opposite can get along on this earth.

Enjoy and tune in this weekend for more video from Dinah Shore!!!

If Charlie the coyote could talk, I'm sure he'd say, "I'd like all lesbians in the entertainment industry to support each other!!!"

That's all for now, sleep tight, and dream about a world where we all love and support each other.

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