Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dinah Shore 2008: Friday Night White Diamonds and Fashion Show

Dani Campbell
The fashion show at midnight with all the out lesbians stars was a huge hit! It was amazing to see these women just OWN it, ROCK it, TOSS IT out and SHAKE IT UP.

Jill took off her shirt and threw it to a crazed crowd.


DJ Kathy Valenti

The models line up backstage.

The models having fun.

The place was packed.

LOGO had a fabulous VIP party on the patio (free mojitos!) earlier in the evening, and their PR guys asked Elliot and I to walk their red carpet (I was flattered, and nervous!)

Here's a few shots Elliot took with his iphone as we walked the red mile.

Elliot with Mike from LOGO.

On the red carpet, Mariah with Briana and Kathy.

Briana during the fashion show.

The crowd went absolutely nuts each time Jane came out. She worked it, and I mean WORKED IT

Dani on the runway.

Suzanne rocks out the crowd.

Thea Gill took it off!
Wisecracking again no doubt.

Jen Houston, also rocking it out.

If you watched my pre Dinah vlog, you'll know that my favorite part of the weekend is really those VIP parties (and the LOGO pillows in the LOGO LOUNGE!!!), and tonight's VIP bash was fabulous.
(pictured left here with Thea Gill in the green room)

My favorite line of the night came from Amy Armstrong when asked why she'd wear black to a white diamonds party and she responded, "I'm coal. If you rub me hard enough I'm hoping I'll turn into a diamond!"

I also just loved the Fashion Show. You know, usually this runway stuff is reserved for gay men and super thin models so I think it's fantastic that the ladies are doing it and doing it RIGHT. Why should all the boys have the fun, and when can we stop looking at rail thin, emaciated models! These women were gorgeous, sexy, hot and just owned it like no tomorrow with attitude and verve.

Stay tuned, we have one on one special interviews with some hot celebs today and of course, lots more video

Kissing the air next to your cheek!


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