Friday, April 25, 2008

The Advocate goes GREEN

Hello Darlings,

Well, I have to admit I am so gay (in the true good definition of that phrase) that all I can think about is what am I going to wear to the GLAAD Media Awards tomorrow.  

Fortunately I was around ten thousand gay men last night*, so I got a few tips. ("Show your cleavage!"  "Wear the Silver").

Last night was The Advocate party for their Green Issue.  Great event, lots of wonderful conversation.  It was fun comparing their green issue to VANITY FAIR's.  Because Madonna was on the cover of that one, I know every gay bought it.  I encourage everyone to read every single article in that issue.  Some of the stories were SHOCKING, and very educational.

Here I am with Andrea "Krauss in the House", Michael Phelps the publisher of The Advocate and the new owner of The Advocate Paul Colichman.

If you've been living under a gay rock, then you haven't heard the news that here! bought The Advocate.  I asked Paul what he was going to do with the magazine, and I'm not sure I should say here, but suffice it to say it was all complicated business stuff and I sorta glossed over. Honestly, I find it fascinating the BUSINESS of media.  Since the beginning of here! I've heard Paul talk about what he does, and it always sounds so genius and so foreign to what I do as a film maker.  I make movies, and I tell you, I know I'm really good at it.   But to hear how he started the network...his pitch to straight cable providers and how he launched it all...fascinating!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll do a formal interview with him soon so we can all find out what's going to happen with The Advocate.

Anne Stockwell, the editor of The Advocate with Dustin Cranor, the communications manager for Oceana.  
Carie and John Cleland

Phelps with the woman he called "the hottest lesbian in LA" Michelle Fleury and her gf photographer Jen Kennedy.
Boys, boys everywhere!

This is Shawn Ingram and dare I say, we went to college together.  This may come as a huge surprise to you, but I was a theatre fag. Shawn and I did Sondheim's A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. I was the orchestra conductor and he was Henrik.

My buddy Daniel.  We've known each other for nine years since both working at Outfest together back in the day.  We are currently theatre fags together.

Ubiquitous filmmaker Q Allan Brocka with a man whose glasses I wanted to steal.  Along with his yacht club jacket.  I could work that look.

Okay, so here are the photos from the mixer last week at O Bar.

Huge success!

See all you fags all dressed up tomorrow at the Glaad Awards!!!!

*Prone to exaggeration, also very gay.  In a good way.

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