Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LGBT Heroes and Icons

Well, LGBT History month is coming to a close.... in brief, watch this video:

And you can visit to read about and see videos on important LGBT figures in history.

Happy Halloween Homos!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The last two weeks in review.....and photos, dish and video

Okay this week we officially kicked-off the gay fall season which means a SHIT LOAD of LGBT fundraisers, events and parties.

Stay tuned here as I try every Monday to list all the upcoming events.

Here's what's been going on the last few weeks. Sorry I haven't posted in a bit but...I GOT A LIFE YA KNOW!


This month's HUNTER'S MOON (the name given to the full moon following Sept's Harvest Moon) marks the closest the moon will be to the earth all year.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween


Two of the gayest - and BEST - shows on television had their season finales:

Meooooow, hiss, grrrr, down kitty!!!

I could just MELT into that production and costume design.

The only thing left worth watching now on tv is THE WAR on PBS and Anderson Cooper's PLANET IN PERIL on CNN.

Which makes me yearn, desire and almost NEED Anderson Cooper to come out of the fucking closet already!!!!

WIth nothing left to watch on television, I went to my favorite once a month book sale at my local library and picked up that form of entertainment you actually READ.

Don't laugh at me about the People photobook. It's a pictoral history of the last 30 years in pop culture. Fascinating. I'm researching US history for an epic screenplay I'm working on that spans 50 years in the life of three friends.

I've never read WALDEN, but my motto of needing to "suck the marrow out of life" comes from this, so looking forward to it.

Faulkner...well, I'll apologize in advance since for sure whilst reading that I'll have even MORE run-on sentences in this blog than I usually do.

DUMBLERDORE came out of the closet.

The YPC hosted a fundraiser for the LA LGBT Center's JEFF GRIFFITH CENTER.

They collected 100 bags of clothing for the lgbt shelter kids, and once again made altruism and giving back to our community a class act.

LESBIAN SCORPIO COUGARS celebrated their birthdays with - of course - a huge party full of women.

A hundred lesbians showed up. Mainly dressed in black shirts with jeans, and with champagne in tow. One man showed up.

Happy Birthday Mariah and Doria! I am proud to know two such fine women, living OUT and proud, with integrity (and copious amounts of champ at times) and both working in and for the LGBT community!

I cohosted again on The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius radio with Doria Biddle

Our guests included Cathy DeBuono, Guinevere Turner and Andrea Meyerson. (see previous post for details)

Here's a little bit of the interview with Guin:

Here's a clip of Cathy DeBuono on the show:

Meanwhile, Frank DeCaro continued to taunt me from all the way across the country by sending me this message during Suzanne Westenhoefer's show in NYC.


Writer/Director/actor Ash Christian came to Los Angeles to celebrate the theatrical release of his film, FAT GIRLS


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA continued to burn down

This photo was taken from my car in the morning. The smoke in my area has been unbelievable, and the sunrises and sunsets have had a beautiful yet eerie deep red glow.

SHELTER (my film!) wins best feature at the Seatle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

here! Releasing decides on a March 2008 theatrical release for the film, which works for me, since that's my 42 birthday! It'll be a big celebration! I wonder if Moet will deliver in the truckloads?


The out lesbian singer/songwriter performed at Largo. The lesbians turned out and loved it.

Jill even sang a duet with her mother over a cel phone, then invited everyone on stage to sing along with her hit "I KISSED A GIRL". I sang along from my seat, but changed the lyrics in my head from I KISSED A GIRL to I ATE A PIE.

I know, where are my thoughts these days.


FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO opened in theatres

This has been the number one film on the LGBT film festival circuit this year and has garnered some impressive awards. It's brilliant, moving, thought- provoking - just go see it. Now. I mean it.

2 DEGREES continued the rock WeHo.The once a month ladies night at ELEVEN continued to be the place for stylish lesbians to dine, dance and sip DOM.

Next 2 Degrees: Saturday, November 17th

FRONTIERS MAGAZINE celebrated the hottest Los Angeles singles, with a hot party at ELEVEN to go with their cover article.

If you made it to the end of this post, and you're SO EXCITED about going out and being gay in West Hollywood, then here's your venue for Monday, Oct 29th