Monday, October 1, 2007

This Weekend's Events

The Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards
at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Sunday

Photos by Jenn Kennedy:

The event was hosted by butch comedian Sabrina Matthews and honored the work of Christine Chavez and Judy Chu. Chavez is the granddaugher of beloved social activist Cesar Chavez and has now chosen to include LGBT rights in her civil rights and social justice work.

Chu works on the Ca State Board of Equalization and has also been a very strong advocate recently for LGBT right to marry issues.

Michelle Wolff and Greg Lee, stars of DANTE'S COVE, hosted the live auction.

Paul Colichman (CEO, here! Networks) David Milburn and their family.
Here is Mariah Hanson and myself hitting on, I mean, standing with Christine Chavez.

For more information on Chavez and her social activism, I urge you to read more at:

For more info on this organization, please visit:

Lesbian Concert and Short Film Screening

Wow, now this was like a reunion from 2002! Girl Bar screened a few segments from my short, GAY PROPAGANDA, along with other hysterical pieces, SALT THE BLADE by Anne Lippert and "My Name is llene" by Kary Dornetto.
Here are the filmmakers and stars of the night's shorts.

The opening act was TITS AND GIGGLES, and they delivered plenty of both. These girls were unbelievably entertaining and had the places bursting out in laughter.

They offer fabulous accoustic harmony set to hysterically bawdy and clever lyrics. My favorite number was "I dumped you on myspace and replaced you in my top 8 with a band."

Jane Lynch buying a copy of their CD.

While introducing my film, I was confused and thought I was at karaoke, so I started to sing AND I AM TELLING YOU.

Comedian Poppy Champlin provided the comic relief and hosted the evening.

Photos by Faye Sadou.

This weekend also marked the opening weekend of ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE here in Los Angeles at the Sunset Laemmle.

The film took in an impressive $11,505 from just one screen. The run has been extended to oct 11th and will also screen at the Laemmle Pasadena starting Oct 5th.

Here is the red carpet coverage:

You can get tickets here:

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