Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Power Premiere is Coming!

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Take the Gay Quiz and Win a Collectable L Word Season 5 DVD Box Set

Be the first to answer the following question to win your own copy of the Collectable L WORD Season 5 DVD Box Set.

Which of the following actors has NOT played gay?

Also, name the films or tv shows where the others played gay.

1) Goldie Hawn
2) Taye Diggs
3) Jim Carrey
4) Paul Rudd
5) F Murray Abraham
6) Chloe Sevigny

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Watch the New No on Prop 8 Commercial with Dianne Feinstein

We Have A Winner!

Eleanor sure knows her gay film!

The correct answers were:

Jason Biggs plays the gay best friend Dan in "Over Her Dead Body"

Glenn Close plays Margarethe in "Serving in Silence"

Allison Janney plays Sally in "The Hours"

Clive Owen plays Max in "Bent"

Kate Capshaw plays Casey in "A Girl Thing"

Steve Martin is the only one who hasn't played gay!

The out lesbian director of A GIRL THING, Lee Rose, often tells how funny it was to have Kate Capshaw's husband - the illustrious director Steve Spielberg - on set and looking over her shoulder as she was directing the hot lesbian love scenes with his wife.

BENT was actually based on a really brilliant play about the plight of homosexuals in the camps during the Holocaust. Richard Gere played the lead role on Broadway.

Allison Janney got to make out with Meryl Streep in The Hours as she played her partner. Ah, sigh, lucky Allison. I used to run into Ms Janney up at the dog park with her pooch, Chancey, named after Peter Sellar's character in the classic film, BEING THERE.

We have more copies of the L WORD SEASON 5 DVD Box set to give out, so tune in here tomorrow at 9 am for the next quiz and the next chance to win!

Three Generations of African American Women Vote No on Prop 8

Great PSA by Vincent. Thanks for the heads up on this one, Lily.

And here's one in espanol, starring the cast of Ugly Betty:

No Winner Yet

Good, this was a harder quiz today, and thanks for all your good guesses!

No winner yet in today's quiz, so keep trying!

Today's Gay Quiz - Win The L Word Season 5 DVD Box Set

To win your very own copy of the L WORD SEASON 5 DVD Box set, be the first to answer the following:

Which actor as not played gay, and name the films where the others played gay.

1)  Jason Biggs
2) Steve Martin
3) Glenn Close
4)  Allison Janney
5) Clive Owen
6) Kate Capshaw (Mrs. Steven Spielberg)

Enter your answers in the comments box below.
(I will publish all the comments posted once a winner has guessed right!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

We Have a Winner!

We have a winner in today's Gay Film Quiz. Woody sure knows his gay film trivia! 

The actors that have played gay are:

Greg Kinnear - As Good as it Gets

Al Pacino - Dog Day Afternoon and Angels in America

Will Smith - Six Degrees of Separation

John Stamos - The Wedding Wars

And not only has Denzel Washington not ever played gay, when Will Smith called him and asked his advise on whether to play gay in SIX DEGREES, Denzel told him absolutely not. Fortunately, he phoned Wesley Snipes who told him, "Do it, it's a job and a good part."

Al Pacino did not play gay in CRUISING. He played a cop going undercover as gay. 

Pacino's character in DOG DAY AFTERNOON was based on a true story of a man who tried to rob a bank so his lover could have a sex change operation. Well, he didn't succeed, but years later when the rights to their story were sold to Hollywood, his lover used that money to finally get his sex change. Unfortunately, he also died of AIDS in the 1980's.

Tune in tomorrow at 9 am for the next gay quiz, and your next chance to win hours of lesbian drama with our L Word Season 5 BOx Set dvd giveaway!!!

Parents DEMAND Their Children be Removed from Yes on Prop 8 Commercial

Thanks for sending this one along, Luther.

L Word Season 5 Giveaway: Day One

Hello Ya'll,

So since I know everyone has already donated as much as they can to No on Prop 8 in California, No on Prop 102 in Arizona and No on Prop 2 in Florida, this week on the we'll celebrate what rights we already do have.

The right to enjoy gay entertainment on pay cable!

Tomorrow is the official release of the L WORD SEASON 5 dvd box set.  In honor of said release, we'll be giving away one of these sets every day this week!

To win your copy today, just be the first to take this quiz.

Which of these actors has not played gay?

To win, be the first to name that actor, plus the gay roles the others played.

1) Greg Kinnear
2) John Stamos
3) Denzel Washington
4) Will Smith
5) Al Pacino

First to answer will win! Good luck and tune in tomorrow for another L Word Season 5 DVD set.

To order your own copy, just click here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Apple Says No on Prop 8

I'm am so proud right now to be typing this from a Mac computer.

"Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8 and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Apple was among the first California companies to offer equal rights and benefits to our employees’ same-sex partners, and we strongly believe that a person’s fundamental rights — including the right to marry — should not be affected by their sexual orientation. Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8."

What Do You Cling To?

This is from Perez Hilton today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Making

Hello Darlings,

Well, I feel bad that where I once hosted a blog full of scandalous gossip, celebrity interviews and party photos, now daily it's only me ranting about how horrible things are in the world (Thanks Sarah Palin and James Dobson!).

Honestly, this whole election has put me in a fowl mood, and I can't wait for the Prop 8 vote to be over so I can start spending money on other things. Like groceries. And cocktails.

Meanwhile, I know all of y'all are just as upset everywhere across the country since most of you have lost your IRA's, been laid-off or can't drive anywhere because of gas prices.

I needed the following and so I'll share it with you. Cute little furry animal therapy. That's right. I need at least one blog entry that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, as opposed to feeling you have to get a gun and barricade yourself in your house.

I know it's dorky, but isn't looking at Cute Little Furry Animals a helluva lot healthier than cocktails, pharmaceuticals, shopping or casual sex? Don't answer that.

All these photos are from where you can go every day to get a little dose of fuzzy when you need it most.

If Cute Little Furry Animal Therapy takes off, I'm thinking of opening a retreat, maybe out in Malibu near Promises.

This Makes Me Furious

Okay, like seriously, could someone send me some fucking good news, I'm practically on the ledge over here over all the election bullshit and slipping polls with Prop 8 and now this..... THIS! 

Public enemy number one: Rev James Dobson from Focus on the Family.

Our buddies over at Glaad have put a video together of some of Dobson's greatest hits. This was motivated by the Radio Hall of Fame inducting Focus on the Family into it's fold - which pisses me off to no end, but what can be done about that?  It's only going to historically be a tremendous embarrassment to them when the truth about Dobson finally comes out.

Anyway, if you're upset about this (and if you breathe oxygen, you should be) stay tuned to Glaad to support their endeavours in this snake pit:

Believe me, what is depicted in this video only touches the surface of the hate this man spreads, and the power he has over elections.

I'm so mad right now, I'm going to print out that Bloomies coupon (see next post) and go bury myself in some comfort shopping.

Meanwhile - that's right, it's not over yet - you might want to check out this very interesting story about Palin's interview on Dobson's radio show from the Washington Post:

But I warn you, don't read this if you are near breakables or are already suicidal, taking MAO inhibitors or plan on operating heavy machinery.

I Hate you for making Me Shop

This is a great deal! If you live in Los Angeles, scroll down and note that you do not even have to buy anything to make a donation.

On my lunch break today, I'll be dropping off this coupon to the Bloomies down the street. I encourage you - if you can - to do the same, as this helps a wonderful local organization that really provides much needed and appreciated services to our lgbt youth.

Click on the image to go to the link with the coupon.

Watch the Great New No on Prop 8 Commercial!

I love it when the gays take off their gloves.

Here's the new No on Prop 8 commercial which is going to start hitting airwaves. It attacks the Yes on Prop 8 commercials that attack us.

I love how they got the freagin' Superintendent of Schools to back them up. Yeah, go team!

And here's a really great MOMS AGAINST PROP 8 ad. It's pretty cool too.

Kids, none of us anywhere can stand to lose this battle. It's not just about California and it is not just about marriage.

A friend of mine the other day made an interesting point - a sentiment I wish I could share as it was so optimistic and "American". He said, "Even if we lose, we are one step closer and the beauty of the American system is we can fight again and one day we will win."

I am trying without the aid of pharmaceuticals to stay optimistic about this country, but so many things have been discouraging in the last few weeks between Prop 8 and the presidential election.

I can't get over that the YES folks have raised $26 million dollars. And we have raised $16 million. That is a lot of money we all could be putting into our communities, towards education and such (how 'bout back into the economy!). But we are spending that much money just to defend basic civil rights.

As far as I am concerned, we cannot lose this battle. It is not just about marriage. It is not just about homosexuals. It is about civil rights, and my America has always stood on the foundation that all folks are created equal. Regardless of sexual orientation, color, religion or if you were born into an area of Pennsylvania where you cling to your guns and religion (did ya'll read Karl Rove's quote today?!!?!?!?).

Anyway, please think about donating another $20 (or $2,000) to the campaign. If you can't even do that, take a moment to grab any of these wonderful No on Prop 8 videos (more below) and post them to your myspace, youtube and facebook accounts (the Apple/Pc ones are particularly cute!).

Tootles, kisses and here's the link:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gays in Theatre this week

I'm always happy to announce local LA homo theatre, and here are two upcoming events that support No on Prop 8 with your ticket purchase! 

Click on images to enlarge flyer.

Chihuahua Mania!

This is from my friend Mark Cirillo at the SpcaLA.

Chihuahua Mania!
spcaLA Flooded with LA's Top Dog

Los Angeles -- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) has been taken over by the smallest breed of dog in the world. Right now, the spcaLA P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village and Education Center in Long Beach has more Chihuahuas than any other type of dog.

Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua is bound to make them even more popular, but spcaLA wants you to stop and think before you adopt. "Just because our current box office star is a Chihuahua, doesn't mean that dog is the right fit for your family," says spcaLA President, Madeline Bernstein. "At spcaLA, our adoption counselors will help you to find the dog that is the best fit for you."

While spcaLA supports the use of shelter dogs in the film and hopes they were found proper homes after the filming ended; there are concerns about the increase in impulse Chihuahua adoptions. As was seen after the release of Disney's Dalmatians films, people get excited in the moment, adopt an animal, and then drop it off at a shelter when they realize the commitment is too much to handle. Shelters are then overcrowded with that breed of animal, resulting in needless deaths due to space.

It is important to find out as much as you can about a breed before adopting. For instance, some Chihuahuas are not always well-suited as small children's pets due to their size and temperament. If a Chihuahua is the right match for your home, please remember to support your local animal shelters when adoption a pet.

Click on these photos (or the one above) to find out more about these cute little pooches currently available to audition to be your best friend.

To schedule an interview, tour our facilities or to receive photos of Chihuahuas available for adoption, please contact Mark Cirillo at (323) 730-5300, x252 or (323) 707-1271 or email him at Following, please find some Chihuahuas currently available for adoption at our Long Beach facility.

Tina Fey on Sarah Palin - "Not since Sling Blade Has There Been Such a Voice!"

It's Monday, do you know where your civil rights are?

Did anyone else see the LA Sunday Times and that giant, full page ad for Yes on Prop 8 with the etching of Jesus?

On a lighter note, here's Tina Fey on David Letterman's show talking about her Palin imitation. If you noticed on SNL this weekend, she did not appear WITH Sarah Palin. Fey was quoted in TV Guide last week as saying that if McCain/Palin gets elected she would leave the planet.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Republican Colin Powell Endorces Obama: Concerned about direction of Republican Party

Highlights: "It concerned me McCain seemed unsure what to do about the economic crisis."

"The selection of Sarah Palin raised questions in my mind as to the judgement that Senator McCain made."

"Obama displays an intellectual curiosity and depth of knowledge and an approach to looking at problems, and not just jumping in and changing every day. He has a definite way of doing business that would serve us well."

"The approach of the Republican party and McCain in the several weeks has been narrower and narrower."

Watch video here:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ellen Donates $100,000 to No on Prop 8

Ellen Degeneres has donated $100,000 to the No On Prop 8 campaign.

This in addition to paying for and creating her own PSA (scroll down to see), having her wedding to long time partner Portia De Rossi photographed and published in magazines with highlights broadcast on her show and through out the mainstream media, and speaking out against this prop on the Tonight Show.

Friday, October 17, 2008

John McCain on David Letterman

Yeah, I know, isn't is shocking that one of the best interviews with the candidates does not come from a news source, but a late night talk show host. Letterman was calm and persistent and raised all the issues and didn't let McCain off the hook.

Note: This is from CBS so there is an ad in the front.

If you need the backstory - and need a laugh, here's Letterman's reaction to McCain canceling on him a few weeks ago and "suspending" his campaign. It's a comp of every comment Letterman made, and of course, the clip from Katie Couric is hysterical.

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a great movie about the battle between Letterman and Leno for the Tonight Show seat after Carson's retirement. Kathy Bates gives a fearless performance, and it's beyond interesting and brutally honest. Check out THE LATE SHIFT.

TIVO ALERT: Sarah Palin to be on SNL Saturday Night

Sarah Palin will be on SNL  tomorrow night. Set your tivoes.

Tina Fey has been quoted as saying if McCain/Palin get elected, she would leave the planet. 

In TV Guide this week Tina Fey was quoted as saying, "If she wins, I'm done. I can't do that for four years. And by 'I'm done,' I mean I'm leaving Earth."?

Also, Lorne Michaels - the show's producer - is a Republican and has donated to the McCain campaign.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best of the Home Made No on Prop 8 Ads

These are all ads made independently of the No on Prop 8 campaign.

Here are a bunch of home made No on Prop 8 commercials, available for you to spread around.

From Ellen:

From Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy)

From Homotracker:

With Molly Ringwald:

With lesbians in bed:

More lesbians along with Sara Ramirez, Amy Brenneman, Tyne Daly, Sally Kirkland, Christine Lahti, Frangela and others.

Watch the new No on Prop 8 ad: The Fabric of American Life

Hello darlings,

The No on Prop 8 campaign released a new television commercial today, which you can watch here:

If you haven't donated, or you can spare some more cash, we really need it. Do so by click here:

Here's what do, which is a great suggestion if you're up to it. In a week - this week and maybe next week too, just cut back on luxuries. In a week, what is that? A few dinners out? A few movie tickets or blockbuster rentals? A new table cloth or knick knack? Your Starbucks every day.

If you've noticed, I haven't had a haircut in 2 months. I have not had dinner out this whole month, and unfortunately I made my dog sacrifice as every week I forgo buying her the beloved bones she adores (I finally caved this week). I was looking to buying a new air purifier for the house - didn't. I wanted to go to a few fundraisers in our community this weekend, won't (that's $300 right there). I wanted to buy a few pumpkins and Halloween decorations, didn't (bought one little pumpkin for $1.99) Basically, if I manage to stay out of Whole Foods for a whole week, that's $200 right there!

By the end of just two weeks, how much is that? Remember Gandhi did a HUNGER strike! Some people are giving up their VACATIONS! All I'm giving up is the few things I mentioned. If you do this too, how much could you donate?

For some folks it's $100, for some folks it's $800. In just one or two weeks.

So consider this. It's actually kinda fun. Try it, seriously. It makes you feel good too. You can feel like... yeah, I'm sacrificing but it doesn't really HURT. And what I'm doing is helping make life easier for lgbt young people in this country. Considering the tragic turn of events last week in Civil RIghts with the McCain ads, it also helps end discrimination. Because seriously, SERIOUSLY, I'm kinda sick of it all. No group should be discriminated against. This is America.

That is how I was raised. By immigrant parents in a country that is RICH with a variety of peoples and cultures. Where you can be anything you want to be as long as you try. I'm not a rah-rah Obama fan like most, but his story is so similar to my own that is infuriates me when he is under attack for being elite.

Where I was raised - in a community of African Americans, Jews and Cubans - everyone strove to go to college and become someone. Our joke used to be if you were white and Christian in our school, you were the minority. And guess what? It was fucking awesome. Going to friends' houses, how much did I learn about different religious rituals and cultures? It was always fun and interesting.

I got a great comment on my blog yesterday that said that the McCain supporters are giving white trash a bad name, so I will say this. I was also raised around white trash. And they were awesome too. Granted, a small trailer home was shocking and odd to me, but I learned how to chew tobacco (yeah, come on, ya gotta try it just once) and I learned how to "clog" at the local country western place, which was fun. Of course, none of these guys were beating any body up or spreading hate, and actually went off to college the lot of them and became business professionals.

It was such a kick to go to my friend's house for Christmas eve, where in her latin culture, it's a huge Christmas party that kicks off at midnight. My other WHITE WHITE friend and I so enjoyed the short grandmothers and aunts all hugging us (they didn't speak a word of English, but we felt they were wishing us warm well wishes), and the big celebration of affection and joy. I thought, yeah, this is kinda the way it should be! I had been raised in such a calm, protestant house!

I also think, like myself, at a young age us white people should be the only white person at a party. At a young age, my best friend was African American, and when her family had parties they invited me over. Yes, I was the only white person there. And yes, at 10 years old, I felt... this is odd. But I looked around at all the great people, beautiful decorations, food, the interesting conversations (her parents were college professors) and you know, there it is. You just learn.

This is the same as it was when I was 12 and attended so many Bar Mitvahs I could recite the Torah. I mean, these are really interesting rituals that if you are not Jewish, you just never see let alone experience. Once again, you can be the only Christian in a huge room of Jewish people. This shouldn't scare anyone. You are getting an incredible opportunity to learn about other people and cultures, and honestly see some pretty cool things.

With all this, now to the point of what bothers me on some of the attacks on Obama. He is being judged for going to an Ivy League college. Like are you fucking kidding me? I'm sorry, but everything my family was about and all the families of the people above that I just alluded to.... all were on that same trajectory. In my family, you were going to go Ivy League. I failed at this, but at least went to decent college.

My African American friends from high school? All went to Howard, and my bf went to Berkley. My Jewish friends - well, they went everywhere, and mostly Ivy league. My latin friend...well, she had to support her mother as well as herself, so she jumped around from college to college. Finally, her brother became a successful accountant and could support them which allowed my friend to finally get her bachelors degree at age 30...from Harvard. My white trash friend - poor guy, his family didn't have a dime. He spent two years at FSU, then with student loans up the ass, he transfered to USC. My other white trash friend (such a red neck) went into the Navy, then on the GI bill completed college and nursing school. I know, NURSING school! But he is an awesome, beautiful person and he has been in that field now for twenty years (and moved back to Texas!)

Now I realize you don't have to go to college to be either smart or a happy member of society. Seriously, a few of the smartest people I know, didn't attend college. But this is all what the fabric of the American experience is to me. You can be anything you want to be, if you try. No one is stopping you. If you beat all the odds and go to a good school, you can just soar. You can soar even if you don't go to school. And your neighbor and fellow Americans are all different than you. Different colors, religions and sexual orientation. And you get to be who you are. Come holiday season, you can celebrate your Catholic traditions, Jewish Traditions or whatever you like in your home, and hopefully welcome others of different cultures and religions to join you.

So you can imagine these haters that have been on the news in the last weeks have really pissed me off. They are un-American and the fact that McCain is courting them, is low.

By the way, no one I have mentioned on this page gave a SHIT when I came out to them as gay. That's not true, one did (one out of what, 50?) He married an ultra conservative Christian woman and they both dived into the church. Although, it was pretty funny to me visiting them as I knew he loved me so much (like family) and I could see it was tearing him up. We never much talked about it as I just thought - this is your problem. Twenty years later (just last year) he called me as his brother killed himself (he had always been messed up in drugs). He told me how much I had meant to him and his brother and family in general (his mother once told me she credited me with he staying off of drugs and going to college) and well... you know, like I said, this is his problem if suddenly this is all for naught because I'm gay. IN fact, I remember their mother begging me to talk to the brother to keep him in college. He was a great kid, and I have wonderful photos of the three of us having great times. But they were involved in the church and under heavy restrictions and judgement. I had told the mother, you just have to love him and let him find his way.

And to pick on Obama! His father abandoned him, his mother abandoned him. He was raised by white people in a white community (that had to be a little isolating and strange for him) and still went to college and also got a law degree, then instead of going to a big company, he went into community organizing. Shame on you for picking on this. He is living the American Dream.

How much time do you spend in the week making life better for you and your family and your community? How much time do you spend a week hating others, or having to put others down to make yourself feel better? If it is the later, you are un American. If you are working for Yes on (H)8, you are a hater. If you go to church on Sunday and someone preaches hate, switch churches.

As someone who has experienced at least in a small way, the fabric of American life, let me know tell you - this is America. If this is your America as well, vote Democrat and vote No on Prop 8.

As far as white Christians using religion for hate, please rent or buy FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO. Brilliant film I feel every single homo and Christian in American should see.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Watch Ellen's PSA for No on Prop 8

Is this another homegrown video? I don't see a sponsorship from one of our advocacy groups.

No on Prop 8 Homegrown Ads: From the makers of SHELTER

Here's another great No on Prop 8 viral video (viral means grab it people and spread it around a little!) directed by Jonah Markowitz (Shelter) and starring Katie Walder, also from Shelter. The spot is one of 4 great ads by Homotracker that spoof the Mac/PC commercials.

More No on Prop 8 Homegrown ads: This one with Molly Ringwald

The LGBT group in Los Angeles, Homotracker, a group of young media professionals, has put together their own home made No on Prop 8 ad.

As I mentioned last week in my blog, everyone - make your own and send them out virally!  I've now posted about 6 of this independently produced videos for the web, and almost all of them are just fantastic.

Here's one of Homotrackers ads, this one starring Molly Ringwald in a clever take off of the Mac/PC ads.

TIVO ALERT! TIVO ALERT: Oprah's Show today on California Politics: Prop 2

Well, sorta good news. 

Following the trend of another popular daytime talk show host, Ellen - Oprah today is entering the arena of California politics by devoting her entire show to Yes on Prop 2, the farm animal protection act.

So set your tivoes.

Why is this interesting? For a couple of reasons. One, I've been hoping beyond all reason that Oprah would do a show on the factory farms on this country, but considering that huge law suit of her's in Texas a few years ago, it seemed unlikely she would delve into this.

Oprah has incredible influence in this country. Like Ellen, her show airs during the day and reaches people that might not read newspapers or watch national news. It also reaches housewives, who in turn talk to their families at dinner, talk with other mom's at the park, and take this information out into their communities.

The last time Oprah said something about factory meat, she was sued by the meat industry on the grounds that her flippant comments on the show of "Well, I"m not going to eat hamburgers!" was enough to justify a US Court to take her to task in a legal proceeding. She won that case, but hasn't touched the subject since.

The other interesting thing is that this is currently the cause du jour of Ellen. While some LGBT folks are wondering when Ellen will appear at a No on Prop 8 rally, or publicly donate money to protect marriage rights, she has done both with Proposition 2.

Oprah did do a tremendous show on Puppy Mills a while back that had a tremendous impact, as shelters saw a huge rise in donations, and people started a trend of getting a dog or cat at a rescue or pound instead of a breader or pet store. By the way, Puppy Mills fall under jurisdiction of the USDA and those animals are considered "farm animals" for the purpose of regulation, which is why the law protects those that keep a multitude of animals in small cages their entire lives.

Factory Farming and Gay Rights are my two biggest issues, which you probably know if you read this blog. They both have to do with humanity. It is pretty sad when you have to regulate humanity. There is nothing good about factory farming, in any area. The same is true about marginalizing any group of people in America.

Another interesting thing about all this is why is Ellen and Oprah doing shows on Prop 2 and not Prop 8? The gays in this country - all of them - are losing now. With Prop 8 falling way behind in the polls, we really need the most help here. Prop 2 is ahead in the polls. If No on Prop 8 succeeds in America, it will provide a huge precedent across the U.S. in all forms of legal cases against discrimination. It also puts into verbiage that separate is not equal.

The solution is that Oprah and Ellen talk openly on their shows about BOTH.

As far as factory farming goes, a few facts. In the old days, there were farmers. Not any more. Large corporations have now gone into factory farming and put all those family farmers out of business. Like most big money hungry businesses in this country, they are corrupt.

The meat you eat on a daily basis is contaminated with chemicals, hormones and these days can legally contain dangerous bacteria and disease (new laws under Bush Administration. Nice, huh?).

They have genetically altered animals to meet the incredibly large demand for meat in this country. FYI - hormones don't break down in the body, or anywhere at any time for that matter. When they pump chickens full of female hormones so their breast meat - the most desired portion - grows ridiculously large in just 5 weeks - those hormones now go into your mouth and your system. If you need proof of this in play, look up the occurrences of infertility of men in this country and the rise in breast cancer. Both caused by unhealthy levels of female hormones.

The biggest contributor of gas house emissions in this country is not oil/gas. It's refuse from Factory Farming. Again, google it. This is just truth.

Factory Farming destroys communities. Whenever one of these businesses sets up shop in a town, within short order, their air and water supplies are compromised by the above mentioned gas house emissions. Local farmers are put out of business and if people want to literally want to survive, they have to move to another town.

Obviously, one of the worst aspects of this is the ridiculously inhumane treatment of all animals in this system.

Look, I love bacon as much as the next human, but did you know that a pig is four times smarter than a dog? Fact. Would you eat bacon if it came from your beloved pooch? Why do pigs get the back of the bus? I could go into the horrible treatment of all farm animals, but it boils down to one thing for me. They are sentient beings. That is such a great word - sentient.

All you have to do is find yourself a live pig, cow, duck or chicken and look into their eyes. Does something look back at you? That is what sentient means. To me, that is definition of a soul.

The treatment of these animals in this country deteriorates the collective soul of our country. Some religions - Christians for example - think animals do not have souls and that all these creatures are here to serve us. Which personally, I think is arrogant.

When chicken satay is passed around at a party I just think to myself, do I want to participate in this? Is that 30 seconds of passing pleasure from eating worth hurting anyone or anything? Do I want to put harmful chemicals into my body? Lastly - and most people don't think like this - do I want to be complicit in a living, sentient being having been tortured and killed just for that fleeting pleasure? The answer to all of this, to me, is no.

When I think about how much I miss bacon and eggs, I have to remember how much I love cherries. And avocados. And a multitude of other things I can eat and not feel like I am contributing to this horrible factory farming industry in this country.

On that note, I am looking forward to Oprah's show today and I hope she dives deep into the subject. I also hope very soon she has a show on No on Prop 8.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Stars Turn Out to Crank up Fundraising For No on Prop 8 in California

love honor cherishI don't know what it's been like in your town, but everyone stepped it up here in California to respond to the negative turn in the polls for our Marriage Equality Rights. 

This past weekend, there were parties literally all day every day.

The lesbians raised $150,000 at a rodeo in Mendocino, Chastity Bono raised $25,000 at her pool party on Sunday afternoon, and Love Honor Cherish raised $250,000 at their Heroes and History Makers party on Sunday evening at Skybar on the Sunset Strip.

pictured, Eric McCormack and wife Janet support No on Prop 8 at the Love Honor Cherish fundraiser.

We are losing folks, and our win in Connecticut on Friday is only going to anger and mobilize those that seek to oppose us. Please donate as much as you can to

In an open letter to the editor at the Advocate web site today, the question of the weekend finally got some print. Why hasn't Ellen donated any money? For that matter, why aren't more celebs stepping up with deep pocket donations like Spielberg and Pitt coughed up? TR Knight from Grey's Anatomy donated $50,000 and gay icon Barbra Streisand is co-chairing a No on Prop 8 fundraiser on October 21 in Beverly Hills (Streisand's son Jason Gould is gay). The other co chairs of this event are Greg Berlanti and Rob Reiner.

Meanwhile, at the Skybar fundraiser, Los Angeles city Mayor Villaraigosa donated $25,000. 

Dana Delany (China Beach, Desperate Housewives) showed her support by speaking, and added a cute, "I've been avoiding marriage my whole life, but if you want it...have at it!".

pictured, Dana Delany with Heather Tom and Kathryn Joosten at Love, Honor, Cherish

Brian Graden (President of programming, MTV/VH1/Logo) and partner Jimmy.

Actor/Producer Chad Allen, whose film SAVE ME opened in theatres last month.

Out of the like ten thousand people at the Skybar event, I counted exactly 8 lesbians. Here are two of them.
Writers Lisa Dickey and Randi Barnes - thrilled to within an inch of their lives that they won an autographed script from THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW in the silent auction.

What was lovely and surprising were the amount of STRAIGHT people at this event. Like a ton. Here are two:

love honor cherish

Come Watch the Debate with the Gays

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What the Gays are Watching on Youtube....Special Edition

Darlings, this is a special edition of WHAT THE GAYS ARE WATCHING ON YOUTUBE, and we have some fabulous clips.

I've been quiet for a few days because two things have been brewing. One, I'm trying to make heads and/or tails of the financial situation, and after much research discovered.... almost no one can figure it out (including the government). More on that later.

Next, the extremely disturbing anti-Obama ads that McCain's campaign has been airing, which have motivated chants of "terrorist" "Bomb Obama", "Kill him" at McCain/Palin rallies. One ad ties him to a "terrorist" and Palin has repeatedly mentioned his ties to "terrorists" in her speeches. Well it worked. Too well. On Friday, McCain actually had to stand up to people at his town halls and defend Obama. To which, they booed him.

Rachel Maddow (sigh) had a great commentary on this on her Friday show that actually showed photos from the 1960's of white people BOMBING black churches and establishments, to which she said simply, "Is this what you mean by bomb Obama?"

ON a personal note, I also find it highly ironic that Sarah Palin wore an all white suit at one of her rallies where Obama bashing took place. Basically, I thought all she was missing was the hood.

All this motivated CNN to run specials all weekend, with every pundit in town speculating on the Bradley Effect - basically, whether the race issue was going to play a hand in this. This was motivated by the McCain campaign's highly successful move in the last two weeks to subtly suggest to people that he is different. To quote McCain, "That one." What's worse than them trying this, is that it worked.

This is all fascinating to me because as a gay rights activist, my nose is already in the history books of the plight of other disenfranchised minorities in America in the last 200 years, including the blacks, the Native Americans, women, Asian Americans and Jews. It is mind boggling when you compare the negative rhetoric against any minority in any generation, and realize it is all pretty much the same. At least in certain basic principles. When I hear what the religious right says about us homosexuals I think...."Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like the anti Jewish rhetoric of the 1930's." Or the incredible case of inter-racial marriages in the 1960's. There was a time when women couldn't vote, and it was not that long ago.

Anyway, more on this later as things are really brewing in this country in more ways than one.


Anyway, onto our first video of the week, and speaking of the Jews, it's by Sarah Silverman and it's part of the "Great Schlep Movement".

She is urging all Jews in America to go see their grandparents in Florida to convince them to vote for Obama.

It starts with her blaming the Jews if Obama loses. Then she gives you step by step instructions and talking points. Which are as you can imagine, hysterical.



This video will inspire you and make you think.

Recently, The New Yorker magazine had a panel discussion on the election and they just released this video.

This clip is from Democratic delegate and long time party worker Donna Brazile where she talks about race, the past and the future.

No On Prop 8 HomeMade Ad

A friend of mine, Nicola Marsh, made this, and I"m starting to get a bunch of these home-grown No on 8 videos now. I hate to say it, but they are all usually so much better than the ads we are running on tv!!

Yea! Go!! Make your own No on Prop ads and send them out virally!


This was one of the more shocking videos played on newscasts last week.

Someone took a video camera to a line of "people" waiting to get into a McCain rally, while Obama supporters were across the street picketing.

Exchanges took place.

As far as best lines, I can't decide whether it's "Commie fags!" or "Obama supports terrorism."

If you're like me, you're thinking, "who are these people?!"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm Gay

Happy National Coming Out Day.

If you're like me and out to everyone, you can do what we used to do in the old days which was get together for cocktails and just call total strangers or help lines and say "I'm gay".

Today, when you go to the grocery store, your movie rental place, wherever...remember those two magical words: I'm gay.

If you're not out to family, friends and co workers....then this should be an extra special day for you! Come out, come out!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Connecticut Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage: I told Ya So!

When I mentioned that the California Supreme Court decision in June would set off a contagion across the US, this is what I was talking about, baby.

Connecticut has become the third state in the US to legalize Gay Marriage.

Today, their supreme court voted 4-3 for the plaintiffs in Kerrigan and Mock v The Connecticut Department of Public Health (which oversees marriage in Connecticut), which basically legalized same-sex marriage in that state.

pictured, Kerrigan and Mock.

Justice Richard N. Palmer wrote, "The segragation of heterosexual and homosexual couples into separate institutions constitutes a cognizable harm."

The plaintiff couples were represented by Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD, if you'd like to send them a check) and Maureen Murphy of Murphy, Murphy, Nugent in New Haven; Kenneth J. Bartschi of Horton, Shields & Knox in Hartford; and the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union.

So basically, today we like lawyers.

This means I get to raise a glass of pinot noir in celebration this evening, whilst listening to the happy upbeat rhythms of Peter Allen singing "Rio" instead of the scotch neat I was going to have to pour myself with my record needle set to Billie Holiday after learning about the Ft. Lauderdale Mayor's support of a Florida ballot measure which hopes to permanently forbid gay marriage.

If you didn't hear, the extremely gay town of Ft. Lauderdale has a mayor - Jim Naugle, if you'd like to write him - who is a Democrat and anti-gay. Florida currently has Amendment 2 up for the vote - spearheaded by Yes2Marriage - which would put on the books that "no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."

Basically they are trying to stay one step ahead of us and put into a law something to the effect of "we don't give a rat's ass if the State Supreme Court says we have to allow rights to those peksy Jews and blacks.... I mean, homosexuals, um, and we just ain't gonna do it.  Now ma, get me my viddles and play me a tune on that ther fiddle, will ya?"

People, this ruling today is only going to piss off those that seek to oppose us, so please consider giving a check to defeat Prop 8 and Amendment 2 in Florida. We need you.

As the song from Dreamgirls goes, We Are A Family and we're growing strong, so no matter where you are in the US, make a donation to those they are fighting for our rights, and make sure to vote!

To inspire you, here are 1100 lgbt voices singing in unison at an outdoor sing along of Dreamgirls belting out, We Are A Family...

Rachel Maddow: Superbad!!

My hero, out-lesbian newscaster Rachel Maddow appeared on The Tonight Show last night and shocked everyone (okay, maybe just me) by appearing in her usual butch attire as opposed to the femme glam explosion they've imposed on her over on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show. Maddow wore thick glasses, big-ass sneakers and a baggy shirt she borrowed from Seth from SUPERBAD.

Maddow has not only been openly lesbian since the get go, but she regularly appears in very casual attire. She is a poster child for the butch/dork set (that would be me). To make her more palatable to a general audience (and to not confuse the children and the old folks) they've femmed her up as much as they can on her own show. Either way, she rocks.

As Diana Cage said on her Sirius radio show, "You can put lipstick on a butch, but she's still a butch".

Here she is on last night's Tonight Show explaining the upcoming president election (to which Jay Leno responds, "I didn't understand that."

Tell Your Girlfriend I say "Hi"

Episode 5 of Katherine Linton and Elaine Epstein's documentary series Lesbian Sex and Sexuality is now playing on the here! network, and this latest installment covers the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs.

Special guest appearances include Michelle Wolf, Cathy DeBuono, Jill Bennett, Jane Lynch, Michelle Fleury, Suzanne Westenhoefer and Mariah Hanson, the host of the weekend.

Catch a glimpse here in here!'s teaser for the ep:

Lily Tomlin speaks out against Prop 8

Out lesbian icon Lily Tomlin spoke out last Sunday at a fundraiser at a private residence in Bel Air against Proposition (H)8. Tomlin has been with her partner, writer/director Jane Wagner for 37 years.

Considering the dire state of the polls these days (does not look good for us), Tomlin still found occasion to infuse her usual brand of humour into the situation.  "I was slow to get aboard this one because let's face it, if all us homosexuals start acting like straight people, what's to come next?  Monster truck racing?"

She urged the crowd to donate BIG by pulling out a checkbook herself, which urged the packed house to immediately start shouting out , "I'll donate $500", "I'll donate $1,000" , "We're donating another $250!", as volunteers raised around to take the donations. 

Here is Tomlin laughing it up with Hernan and Travis, who raised $10,000 for No on Prop 8 two weeks ago at their wedding, by accepting donations in lieu of gifts.

Here she is with Lori Posner and  Judy Scheer of Yes Design Group.