Monday, October 27, 2008

L Word Season 5 Giveaway: Day One

Hello Ya'll,

So since I know everyone has already donated as much as they can to No on Prop 8 in California, No on Prop 102 in Arizona and No on Prop 2 in Florida, this week on the we'll celebrate what rights we already do have.

The right to enjoy gay entertainment on pay cable!

Tomorrow is the official release of the L WORD SEASON 5 dvd box set.  In honor of said release, we'll be giving away one of these sets every day this week!

To win your copy today, just be the first to take this quiz.

Which of these actors has not played gay?

To win, be the first to name that actor, plus the gay roles the others played.

1) Greg Kinnear
2) John Stamos
3) Denzel Washington
4) Will Smith
5) Al Pacino

First to answer will win! Good luck and tune in tomorrow for another L Word Season 5 DVD set.

To order your own copy, just click here.


littlemunster said...

Denzel Washington


littlemunster said...

Will smith played a gay con artist

Al Pacino played a gay role in "Crusing"

John Stamos played a gay role in "Wedding Wars"

Greg Kinnear played a gay role in "As good as it gets"



Woody said...

Denzel Hasn't played gay but:
Stamos did in "Wedding Wars"
Kinnear did in "As Good As It Gets"
Will Smith in "Six Degrees of Separation"
And Pacino did in "Angels In America" and "Dog Day Afternoon"

Anne said...