Thursday, October 23, 2008

Watch the Great New No on Prop 8 Commercial!

I love it when the gays take off their gloves.

Here's the new No on Prop 8 commercial which is going to start hitting airwaves. It attacks the Yes on Prop 8 commercials that attack us.

I love how they got the freagin' Superintendent of Schools to back them up. Yeah, go team!

And here's a really great MOMS AGAINST PROP 8 ad. It's pretty cool too.

Kids, none of us anywhere can stand to lose this battle. It's not just about California and it is not just about marriage.

A friend of mine the other day made an interesting point - a sentiment I wish I could share as it was so optimistic and "American". He said, "Even if we lose, we are one step closer and the beauty of the American system is we can fight again and one day we will win."

I am trying without the aid of pharmaceuticals to stay optimistic about this country, but so many things have been discouraging in the last few weeks between Prop 8 and the presidential election.

I can't get over that the YES folks have raised $26 million dollars. And we have raised $16 million. That is a lot of money we all could be putting into our communities, towards education and such (how 'bout back into the economy!). But we are spending that much money just to defend basic civil rights.

As far as I am concerned, we cannot lose this battle. It is not just about marriage. It is not just about homosexuals. It is about civil rights, and my America has always stood on the foundation that all folks are created equal. Regardless of sexual orientation, color, religion or if you were born into an area of Pennsylvania where you cling to your guns and religion (did ya'll read Karl Rove's quote today?!!?!?!?).

Anyway, please think about donating another $20 (or $2,000) to the campaign. If you can't even do that, take a moment to grab any of these wonderful No on Prop 8 videos (more below) and post them to your myspace, youtube and facebook accounts (the Apple/Pc ones are particularly cute!).

Tootles, kisses and here's the link:

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