Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Have A Winner!

Eleanor sure knows her gay film!

The correct answers were:

Jason Biggs plays the gay best friend Dan in "Over Her Dead Body"

Glenn Close plays Margarethe in "Serving in Silence"

Allison Janney plays Sally in "The Hours"

Clive Owen plays Max in "Bent"

Kate Capshaw plays Casey in "A Girl Thing"

Steve Martin is the only one who hasn't played gay!

The out lesbian director of A GIRL THING, Lee Rose, often tells how funny it was to have Kate Capshaw's husband - the illustrious director Steve Spielberg - on set and looking over her shoulder as she was directing the hot lesbian love scenes with his wife.

BENT was actually based on a really brilliant play about the plight of homosexuals in the camps during the Holocaust. Richard Gere played the lead role on Broadway.

Allison Janney got to make out with Meryl Streep in The Hours as she played her partner. Ah, sigh, lucky Allison. I used to run into Ms Janney up at the dog park with her pooch, Chancey, named after Peter Sellar's character in the classic film, BEING THERE.

We have more copies of the L WORD SEASON 5 DVD Box set to give out, so tune in here tomorrow at 9 am for the next quiz and the next chance to win!

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Angie5x5 said...

Unfair - doesn't Jason Biggs turn out to not really be gay in that movie? I had all of the answers but that because he wasn't really gay (I thought).