Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Winner Yet

Good, this was a harder quiz today, and thanks for all your good guesses!

No winner yet in today's quiz, so keep trying!


Eleanor said...

Jason Biggs plays the gay best friend Dan in "Over Her Dead Body"

Glenn Close plays Margarethe in "Serving in Silence"

Allison Janney plays Sally in "The Hours"

Clive Owen plays Max in "Bent"

Kate Capshaw plays Casey in "A Girl Thing"

Steve Martin is the only one who hasn't played gay!

elias008 said...

Jason Biggs in "Over Her Dead Body" turned out to not be gay

Steve Martin did play gay, but not in a film it was with Dave Letterman when they go on a gay vacation

Glenn Close in "Serving In Silence"

Allison Janney in "The Hours"

Clive Owen in "Bent"

Kate Capshaw in "A Girl Thing"