Friday, October 10, 2008

Lily Tomlin speaks out against Prop 8

Out lesbian icon Lily Tomlin spoke out last Sunday at a fundraiser at a private residence in Bel Air against Proposition (H)8. Tomlin has been with her partner, writer/director Jane Wagner for 37 years.

Considering the dire state of the polls these days (does not look good for us), Tomlin still found occasion to infuse her usual brand of humour into the situation.  "I was slow to get aboard this one because let's face it, if all us homosexuals start acting like straight people, what's to come next?  Monster truck racing?"

She urged the crowd to donate BIG by pulling out a checkbook herself, which urged the packed house to immediately start shouting out , "I'll donate $500", "I'll donate $1,000" , "We're donating another $250!", as volunteers raised around to take the donations. 

Here is Tomlin laughing it up with Hernan and Travis, who raised $10,000 for No on Prop 8 two weeks ago at their wedding, by accepting donations in lieu of gifts.

Here she is with Lori Posner and  Judy Scheer of Yes Design Group.

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