Monday, October 27, 2008

Parents DEMAND Their Children be Removed from Yes on Prop 8 Commercial

Thanks for sending this one along, Luther.


Daniel Frank said...

Short, sweet, and to the point. Thanks for sharing this video, JD! I knew those yes on 8 people were scum bags, but had no clue just how slimy they actually were!

citizen spot said...

I saw that ad today, the pro 8 ad, and I recall reading in the SF Chronicle that the school in question was a charter school, and that the parents of the 1st graders were the ones who thought it would be nice for them to to greet their beloved teacher outside after the ceremony as a surpise. That this is being used to fuel the pro H8 campaign is abhorent. Kudos to the parents in this vid for calling for the cessation of their children's images being used as propaganda for a discriminatory proposition.