Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One of My Favorite Short Films Ever

I was lucky enough to see this short film at Outfest back in 2002 before SESAME STREET placed a restraining order on them (the controversy made the Wall Street Journal!)

This is a brilliant take on THE CHILDREN'S HOUR as played out by Bert and Ernie in the vein of THE ICE STORM.

If you know the classic CHILDREN'S HOUR it's even better since some of the lines are word for word!!!

My favorite line...."I'm cold."

A classic of LGBT shot independent cinema!!!

Here you can catch a glimpse of THE CHILDREN'S HOUR, the original, in my Tribute to Lesbian Film:

Enjoy and see you at the movies!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ones to Watch - Out Actors from OUTFEST 2007

Today, I'm going to spotlight some of the fresh out faces of OUTFEST 2007.

Now darlings, I didn't see EVERYTHING, k? So if I missed someone, which I probably did, please leave a comment and post your own opinions and views.

The following are the actors I'd like to see in more gay films, especially since they are OUT and talented and, as Maya Angelou would say, on the rise.

Jesse Archer

Jesse not only pulled a highly comedic yet sensitive turn on the circuit/flighty homo boy, but also co-penned the script (which garnered a Best Screenplay Award from OUTFEST).

Micah Shraft

What is it with screenwriters becoming actors, and good ones? Here is another screenwriter turned thesp. This is definitely a must see film from the festival that Micah made with costar Michelle Mulroney and documentary filmmaker Matthew Buzzell. It tells the story of a has been '90's pop duo that reunite in the kindergarden circuit. "Big Bird and Barney ain't gonna tell it like it is, ya know!"

Skyler Cooper

Skyler defintes the term "butch mystique". She also played the title role in OTHELLO in Impact Theater's San Francisco production. With stage and screen credits to her name, she is definitely on the rise, and she doesn't get cast, I have this feeling this determined and thoughtful thesp will create her own roles!

Jessica Graham

Playing the hard drinking, harder talking, femme fatale dyke dick in 2 MINUTES later, Jessica tossed out the hysterical one liners with as much ease as chasing the bad guys with a .45 in a cocktail dress and heels. My favorite line: "Hold my purse" (as she jammed the thing into the chest of her sheepish gay partner and proceeded to kick bad guy ass).

Jay Brannan

Jay shows incredible comic timing in this dramedy, virtually stealing every scene with each zinger (which is hard since the entire cast is wonderful). Best line: After his best friend finally has it out with his junky ex boyfriend in a gut-wrenching emotional scene, "Okay, Buffy, calm down." Perfect comic relief in a sensitive drama.
He also starred in SHORTBUS, and can be seen here in this music video as he is also a singer/songwriter.

Cathy DeBuono

Cathy plays the lesbian-for-hire in the comedy OUT AT THE WEDDING, and the girls have been lining up after every screening to request the same services!

And she's rapidly rising on the list of HOT LESBIANS... view the top favorites and vote here:


and the "Have an eggroll, Mr Goldstone" spolight goes to:

Charlie Disalvatore!
Brilliantly realizing her role in SHELTER.

Sing out Louise!

Friday, July 27, 2007


From Karey Dornetto.

Find YOUR Local Film Festival

Hello fans of LGBT films, filmmakers and out actors....

If you would like to see any of the films I've dished about in this blog, please go to your local film festival!

All the best LGBT films start off the circuit at Frameline, Outfest and Philly then travel around the country and the world.

Here is a fantastic list of local film festivals, compiled by Jenni Olsen at Wolfe Video. Look up your town and enjoy!


Out Actor's Career RUINED!!!!

I'd like to congratulate all the OUT actors that were nominated for Emmy's this year:

TR Knight
Neil Patrick Harris
Holland Taylor
Sir Ian McKellen

I believe those are all the out actors right now on network television!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Little Love for Brad Rowe

In honor of SHELTER (um, produced by me so pardon the shameless plug) we're having an all Brad Rowe blog entry.

So here's a snippet from a radio interview with Brad on the Frank DeCaro Show.

(just push play there to hear the melodious stylings of Mr Rowe as he plays a variation on Shelter in the key of ocean waves...)

Dear god, do you notice how Doria has to upstage my film yet again to plug Lesbian Sexploitation!? But you don't hear me calling in as an anonymous caller....

Stills by Evans Ward from the set of SHELTER.

Stay tuned in the next few days when I will highlight my favorite actors from the festival, and my favorite new directors.


Hello folks, here's a list of the award winners from both OUTFEST and the Philly LGBT Film Festival.

Outfest Grand Jury Awards:

Outstanding American Narrative Feature ($2,500 cash prize, courtesy of 20th Century Fox):
25 CENT PREVIEW directed by Cyrus Amini

Outstanding International Narrative Feature:
TULI directed by Auraeus Solito

Outstanding Documentary Feature:
JERUSALEM IS PROUD TO PRESENT directed by Nitzan Gilady

Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film:
Merlin Gaspers and Dorian Brockington in 25 CENT PREVIEW

Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film:
Michelle Ehlen in BUTCH JAMIE

Outstanding Screenwriting:
Casper Andreas and Jesse Archer for A FOUR LETTER WORD

Outstanding Dramatic Short:
PARIAH directed by Dee Rees

Outstanding Documentary Short:
LEGACY directed by Inge Blackman

Special Programming Awards:

Freedom Award:
THROUGH THICK AND THIN directed by Sebastian Cordoba

Outstanding Emerging Talent ($5,000 product grant from Kodak):
Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert, directors, FINN’S GIRL

Outstanding Artistic Achievement:
Angelina Maccarone, director, VIVERE

Audience Awards:

HBO Outstanding First Dramatic Feature ($5,000 cash prize):
SHELTER directed by Jonah Markowitz

Outstanding Dramatic Feature:
THE BUBBLE directed by Eytan Fox

Outstanding Documentary Feature:
FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO directed by Daniel Karslake

Outstanding Dramatic Short:
PARIAH directed by Dee Rees

Outstanding Documentary Short:
FREEHELD directed by Cynthia Wade

Outstanding Soundtrack:
Michele Mulroney and Micah Schraft for SUNNY AND SHARE LOVE YOU


Audience Award – Best Short Film (Female) Pariah

Audience Award – Best Short Film (Male) Kali Ma

Audience Award – Best Documentary Film (Feature) Life of Reilly

Audience Award – Best Feature Film The Bubble

Jury Award – Best Short Film (Female) Peace Talk
(no photo available)

Jury Award – Best Short Film (Male) The Saddest Boy in the World

Jury Award – Best Documentary Film (Feature) In Sickness and In Health

Jury Award – Best Feature Film Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Scion First Time Director Award - Jonah Markowitz, Shelter

Rising Star Award - Charlie David
(from 4 Letter Word, Dante's Cove)

Make sure to keep checking back as I will continute to dish with the stars, upload photos and interviews, etc.

Today, I leave you with one of my favorite things, like, ever.

This is from a National Geographic spread I read about eight years ago. Look at the photo, then I'll tell you the story.

So the photographer, Mark Thomas, was doing a shoot on the sled dogs in Manitoba, Canada(where temperatures reach a bone chilling 40 below!). All the sled dogs were tied up for the night when a giant polar bear emerged on the horizon.

It had been a tough season, and with the lack of food available it was getting more common for the polar bears to wander into populated areas looking for nosh - and a pack of leashed sled dogs certainly fit the bill perfectly.

The photographer readied his camera, anticipating the carnage that would occur. Then something amazing happened.

As all the dogs barked, one assumed the play position. The polar bear approached this dog, then sat down. And well, you can see the rest in the photos. The two of them had a little play time. A hungry bear, a work dog - natural enemies, yet they engaged in a little romping in the snow.

The article pointed out that as much as the animals need food, they also need play.

And the moral of the story is.... YES, lesbians and gay men can get along!!! There are plenty of lesbian/gay man rompings to be seen in throughout my blog, so enjoy y'all.

And see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kiss the Bride - Closing Night Gala

All the gays traveled downtown yet again to attend the Closing Night Gala at the classic 1920's movie palace, The Orpheum Theatre.

Producer of KISS THE BRIDE, Bob Schuck.

KISS THE BRIDE screenwriter Ty Lieberman with director CJ Cox. Ty was in the Outfest screenplay lab two years ago where CJ was a mentor. Outfest is touting this film as the first home grown Outfest film. Kudos!

I finally mustered up the strength to walk the red carpet, with the help of OUT AT THE WEDDING's Cathy DeBuono.

Then with the help of actress/producer J Karen Thomas. I am so tired, these women are actually holding me up.

Photos above courtesy of Faye Sadou.

Darlings, I am so completely exhausted from 11 days of this festival (and 3 days of pre parties, please refer to my early blogs) I commented to one of my friends this evening, "The only thing holding me up are the tightly bound molecules in my self tanning lotion."

That's Scott Meckling there to the left, who upon seeing me, immediately - as you can see - went into a number from SWEENEY TODD..."Look! A customah! Wait, what's your rush, what's your hurry? You gave me such a fright I thought you was a ghost wait a minute can't you sit, sit ya down..." Stop me now, I could go on all day.

Doria Biddle passionately proclaims to Dennis Hensley, "I would have liked the film much better if it weren't for the dearth of breasts and prison scenes. My favorite film of the festival is still Lesbian Sexploitation."

Dennis laughs politely then turns to Frank DeCaro and comments, "That lesbian of your's is just so delightfully amusing!"

I believe this is canoodling.

Beautiful architecture and beautiful women. What more could you want?

These women may look innocent, but believe me they are wild, WILD women. When I stepped out of the screening to get a bottle of water, they offered me tequila shots then attempted to drag me to a local strip joint. When I declined they proceeded to throw french fries at my cleavage!

Jeff Mack from Outfest with William Barrantes from Ariztical.

Me and another wonderful actor I've worked with, Mr James Michael Bobby. I asked him about his new buzz cut and if that means he's starring in a revival of BENT. After seeing how hot he looks, I may just revive that myself!

More of the here! family - Mark Reinhart, Quincy LeNear, Jeff Schenk, Rich Carroll and Deondray Gossett.

Cathy DeBuono from OUT AT THE WEDDING enjoys the lights and architecture.

A little dish from Awards night. So the screening after Awards was Jamie Babbit's ITTY BITTY TITY COMMITTEE, the first feature from non profit org Power Up.

The following morning, I was listening to my favorite gay radio program - The Frank DeCaro Show - where Frank and Doria have been doing absolutely wonderful coverage of Outfest, the films and film makers.

They gave ITTY BITTY a bit of a lackluster review, then received the following call from "CARA" in Los Angeles.

Is it just me or does this voice sound familiar?

Okay, kids, please stay tuned in the next couple of days where I'll highlight some of the films and filmmakers from the festival in more detail, including the award winners from both Outfest and the Philly Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which occurred concurrently.