Friday, July 20, 2007

If I die in a combat zone, Box me up and ship me home

That quote is from FULL METAL JACKET because surviving this festival is starting to feel like a hundred year war. On top of that, every night is a dramatic SOPHIE'S CHOICE decision in what to see considering there are panels, parties and screenings all over this city!

I'm starting to wonder if there is enough xanax and champagne in this town to keep me alive through the weekend.

Frank and Doria invited me down to OutQ Live again today to regail them with tales of the religious experience that was last night's DREAMGIRLS sing along under the stars at the Ford.

Because I've just worked with PETA (see yesterday's blog) I am now trained in the undercover video. This was taken with my spy camera during a commercial break on the show.

Frank was demanding that Doria access Perez to see nude photos of some famous man canoodling at a gay beach.

This continued on air, on the show.

Because I can't stop thinking of DREAMGIRLS, and because I am a technical dyke with a TIVO and talents, here is a special treat for you fans... especially Ms Doria Biddle:

PS: This is Jennifer Holiday and Jennifer Hudson singing a duet of AND I AM TELLING YOU from the BET awards.

Stay tuned for the report from this evening's ALL GIRL FRIDAY at the DGA... where lesbians go in as girls and come out as women.

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