Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hello folks, here's a list of the award winners from both OUTFEST and the Philly LGBT Film Festival.

Outfest Grand Jury Awards:

Outstanding American Narrative Feature ($2,500 cash prize, courtesy of 20th Century Fox):
25 CENT PREVIEW directed by Cyrus Amini

Outstanding International Narrative Feature:
TULI directed by Auraeus Solito

Outstanding Documentary Feature:
JERUSALEM IS PROUD TO PRESENT directed by Nitzan Gilady

Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film:
Merlin Gaspers and Dorian Brockington in 25 CENT PREVIEW

Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film:
Michelle Ehlen in BUTCH JAMIE

Outstanding Screenwriting:
Casper Andreas and Jesse Archer for A FOUR LETTER WORD

Outstanding Dramatic Short:
PARIAH directed by Dee Rees

Outstanding Documentary Short:
LEGACY directed by Inge Blackman

Special Programming Awards:

Freedom Award:
THROUGH THICK AND THIN directed by Sebastian Cordoba

Outstanding Emerging Talent ($5,000 product grant from Kodak):
Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert, directors, FINN’S GIRL

Outstanding Artistic Achievement:
Angelina Maccarone, director, VIVERE

Audience Awards:

HBO Outstanding First Dramatic Feature ($5,000 cash prize):
SHELTER directed by Jonah Markowitz

Outstanding Dramatic Feature:
THE BUBBLE directed by Eytan Fox

Outstanding Documentary Feature:
FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO directed by Daniel Karslake

Outstanding Dramatic Short:
PARIAH directed by Dee Rees

Outstanding Documentary Short:
FREEHELD directed by Cynthia Wade

Outstanding Soundtrack:
Michele Mulroney and Micah Schraft for SUNNY AND SHARE LOVE YOU


Audience Award – Best Short Film (Female) Pariah

Audience Award – Best Short Film (Male) Kali Ma

Audience Award – Best Documentary Film (Feature) Life of Reilly

Audience Award – Best Feature Film The Bubble

Jury Award – Best Short Film (Female) Peace Talk
(no photo available)

Jury Award – Best Short Film (Male) The Saddest Boy in the World

Jury Award – Best Documentary Film (Feature) In Sickness and In Health

Jury Award – Best Feature Film Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Scion First Time Director Award - Jonah Markowitz, Shelter

Rising Star Award - Charlie David
(from 4 Letter Word, Dante's Cove)

Make sure to keep checking back as I will continute to dish with the stars, upload photos and interviews, etc.

Today, I leave you with one of my favorite things, like, ever.

This is from a National Geographic spread I read about eight years ago. Look at the photo, then I'll tell you the story.

So the photographer, Mark Thomas, was doing a shoot on the sled dogs in Manitoba, Canada(where temperatures reach a bone chilling 40 below!). All the sled dogs were tied up for the night when a giant polar bear emerged on the horizon.

It had been a tough season, and with the lack of food available it was getting more common for the polar bears to wander into populated areas looking for nosh - and a pack of leashed sled dogs certainly fit the bill perfectly.

The photographer readied his camera, anticipating the carnage that would occur. Then something amazing happened.

As all the dogs barked, one assumed the play position. The polar bear approached this dog, then sat down. And well, you can see the rest in the photos. The two of them had a little play time. A hungry bear, a work dog - natural enemies, yet they engaged in a little romping in the snow.

The article pointed out that as much as the animals need food, they also need play.

And the moral of the story is.... YES, lesbians and gay men can get along!!! There are plenty of lesbian/gay man rompings to be seen in throughout my blog, so enjoy y'all.

And see you tomorrow!

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