Sunday, August 31, 2008

I See Too Many Naked People

So last night after work, I went into my local gay bookstore - A Different Light - very excited to pick up my copy of the new, re-launched ADVOCATE magazine, with 26 naked people in it.(see article below)

Unfortunately, with so many naked men on the covers of every magazine - I couldn't quite pick it out of the crowd.

This is what I saw (above) and the new ADVOCATE cover is below.

I See Naked People

I never got quite used to seeing friends of mine naked in shows like DANTE'S COVE...and now even more of them are naked in this week's ADVOCATE magazine.

The common denominator is that here! networks, which produces DANTE's - the witchie gay soap - just recently bought The Advocate from the rapidly failing LPI/Planet Out Partners.

This is the official relaunch issue, and the subject is body issues in the lgbt community.

As mentioned, three of the folks at last month's SmokingCocktail.Com Mixer are featured...or should I say EXPOSED.

You can follow the link here to see which ones.

D0n't get me wrong, I'm not prude, but you know what I mean about seeing people you know and work wirht completely NAKED! I mean, in a steam room or a jacuzzi at Sundance, you know that's fine and appropriate and you're naked too. Same on a movie set, where it's work. But just you know, NAKED NAKED. Even though the photos are fantastic, I blush.

And I can't imagine what is going to come out of my mouth the next time I see them (you know me, no censor from brain to vocal chords).

I Lost Me To Kristin Chenoweth

As part of our What the Gays Are Watching on YouTube, this little ditty from FUNNY OR DIE.

Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) sings an intervention song to a gay meth addict.

See more Kristin Chenoweth videos at Funny or Die

And another popular video from Youtube... caution, this one makes me cry. In good way.

As you can tell, this video was from 1971. Want to see the boys today? MSNBC did a story on them, their lion and their hit youtube video.

A Truly Sad Day - Del Martin, Lesbian Pioneer Passes

No, I'm not talking about the DNC. Although I still can't get over AT&T sponsoring Obama...gee a short time after he supported immunity for the telecom industry for BREAKING OUR CONSTITUTION, or MBNA Joe - Mr Biden who is the head of the democratic wing of the credit card supported bankruptcy bill in 2005 which is the reason why so many people are in debt to this day. Biden's son was even a lobbyist for MBNA, which was purchased by Bank of America. Granted, Biden is based in Delaware, home to MBNA. His support of that bill, however, is what put this country in the sad state of debt we see now, which is evident by the unending ads on tv and radio for debt consolidation. This bill gave all the credit card companies free will to raise interest rates, minimum balances and basically hold anyone with even a little credit card debt hostage.

Anyway, enough of that. Onto to the truly sad news.

We have lost a pioneer in the LGBT equal rights movement.

Del Martin died today at the age of 87. Del was a gay rights activist since the 1950's, and one of the courageous pioneers of our gay rights movement in American.

She co founded the monumental DAUGHTERS OF BILITIS with her partner Phyllis Lyon. Lyon and Martin were the first couple to be married by Mayor Newsom in San Francisco on the first day gays could legally marry. They had been together 56 years when they were finally able to be married.

The Daughters of Bilitis was the first national lesbian organization in the United States. In addition to founding this organization, Martin was an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights and also involved in The National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Alice B Toklas Democratic Club. She is the author of the book Lesbian/Woman published in 1972, which chronicles the history of the lesbian movement and Lesbian Love and Liberation in 1973. Both co authored with her wife.

Lyon and Martin also helped form the Council on Religion and Homosexuals in 1964, bringing together leaders of both to try to forge unity and awareness. For those of you very familiar with our LGBT movement, she was also a leader in the campaign to overturn the American Psychiatric Associations classification of homosexuality as a mental illness (which occurred finally in 1973).

About The Daughters of Bilitis, lesbian historian Lillian Faderman declared, "It's very establihsment in the midst of witch-hunts and police harassment was an act of courage since members always had to fear that they were under attack."

They were also the first couple to be wed in 2004 when Newsom decided to test state law by marrying same-sex couples in San Francisco.

In recent years both Del and Phyllis were involved in another important issue: aging in America. She founded the organization Old Lesbians Organizing for Change and served in 1995 on the White House Conference on Aging.

Shores and Martin met in 1952 when they were a secretary and a bookkeeper.

When they were finally legally wed two months ago, Martin's daughter from her previous marriage - Kendra Mon - was quoted as saying, "It's really a big deal for them and for me. It's like icing on the cake and a reminder of how far we've come."

As truly devastating as this loss is, and how easy it is to truly fall into sadness, it's important to remember and celebrate this glorious person, this full life and all the important contributions Martin made to all LGBT people.
When we stand on the shoulders of giants, she is certainly gargantuan. When Hillary Clinton mentioned in her speech on this Wednesday night at the DNC that one must move forward and keep fighting for change, Martin was definitely one who lived this mantra for the last 60 years.

In honor of her life and work, I encourage you to make a donation to the National Center for Lesbian Rights, run by another pioneer and fearless advocate for lesbian rights Kate Kendell, who continues the work today started by Martin and Shores. Martin has deeply involved in NCLR over the years since it's creation, and her family requested in lieu of flowers, to make a donation towards the No on 8 Pac at

In a public statement today, Kendell called Martin, "A personal hero, transformative icon, deeply cherished role model and friend" and followed with a "pledge to honor her unsurpassed legacy by working every day to keep alive her vision for full equality and justice for all of us." (Kendell is pictured to the left of Del and Phyllis weeping during their nuptuals)

Here's a video of Del and Phyllis speaking about the start of DOB at a panel sponsored by the GLBT Historical Society in San Fran.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Which Lesbians are Getting Married and Breaking up In Hollywood

Well, it certainly has been a red letter month for lesbians on the newstand this month!

If you've been living under a rock, Ellen and Portia tied the knot OFFICIALLY in a ceremony two weeks ago.

The exciting thing is that photos of their wedding hit the cover of PEOPLE magazine, which means this sapphos marriage is front and center in every grocery store across this country, from the mountains to the Valleys, to the rural South and beyond.

Pretty good news for those of us here in California battling the anti gay marriage initiative on the November ballot.

Remember, if you're in California, vote NO ON 8.

Next up, Jodie Foster broke up with long time girlfriend Cydney Bernard after 14 years together. Considering Foster has spent a life time trying to keep this side of her life private, this break up is the one thing that has put her on the front page of the Enquirer. Twice.

jodie foster bernardOnce again on newstands across the country.

It's funny, pretty much all the press around the world left her alone for 14 years while she lead the life of a wife and mother, but the minute she stuck her toe in the typical Hollywood scandal pool, all bets were off.

Foster is now with writer/producer Cynthia Mort, who wrote for the popular sit com ROSEANNE and was a producer on the first LGBT sitcom WILL & GRACE. The two met on the set of THE BRAVE ONE in 2007 when Mort was brought in to do a re write on the script, originally penned by a man.

As you can tell, there's a bit of an overlap here - or as we call it here in LA, the monkey bar.

Foster publically acknowledged her relationship with Bernard in December of 2007 at a Hollywood Reporter luncheon after 14 years of silence. She also appeared two weeks prior at a gay fundraising event - a first - for The Trevor Project. Both can probably be attributed to her long time friend, Randy Stone - an out casting director with credits that include the long running episodic THE X FILES. The two were close friends and Stone died in 2007 of heart failure. Stone had always urged Foster to come out - and he co founded THE TREVOR PROJECT, which is an absolutely stellar organization that runs a national 24 hour suicide hot line for at risk LGBT youth.

Four months after finally coming out - albeit a soft one - Foster's relationship with Bernard was done. The two have two children together, which Foster had and Bernard adopted - Kit Bernard Foster and Charles Bernard Foster. Foster is currently living with Mort who also has two sons from a previous relationship with out actress and director Melanie Mayron.

I don't know if this is worth noting, but both Bernard and Mort are in their 50's so the rumours of Foster leaving her girlfriend for a younger woman are pretty false as they are both older than the 2 time Oscar winning actress.

lindsay lohan lesbianMeanwhile, the one out lesbian celeb who has stayed clear of the tabloids lately is Lindsay Lohan. The fact that she is in a lesbian relationship with dj Samantha Ronson and has had absolutely no run-ins with the law is actually putting her back in the tabloids!

Chelsea Handler commented on her show last week, "This makes me like her. We need more out celebrities because that helps the gay cause, and since she's been with Morton she hasn't been in any trouble. I can't say it makes up for the rest of her family, but this makes me like her more."

So that pretty much runs the gammot of lesbian celeb life here in Los Angeles - a new love, a wedding and a break up.

In closing, here's some photos of the lesbian lifestyle here in Los Angeles caught by the paparazzi. As you can see, they are not defiling the sanctity of marriage or bringing down our government - just like any other LGBT couple in the country, out with the kids, out grocery shopping and walking the dog.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rachel Maddow, out lesbian, gets her own Show

The brass at MSNBC has replaced Dan Abrams with Rachel Maddow in their week day 9 pm time slot. She'll begin her program on September 8th.

Maddow is a frequent commentator on MSNBC shows, and recently filled in for Keither Olbermann on his COUNTDOWN program.

Maddow is an out lesbian with her own show on Air America - The Rachel Maddow Show.

For more info and clips from her most memorable television and radio moments, click here.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hillary Gets on Nomination Roll Call for Denver DNC

It was announced today that Hillary Clinton's name will in fact be placed in nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention in Denver later this month.

Her strong supporters have been pushing for this. There will be a roll call now with both names so delegates can vote to pick the Democratic Nominee. Senator Clinton will speak at the DNC on August 26 (the 88th Anniversary of the day women were granted the right to vote) and the state-by-state roll call will happen the following day.

Is this kinda like Jennifer Aniston thinking there'd be hope to save her marriage after Brad Pitt flew off to the set of Mr and Mrs Smith?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anderson Cooper Gets Snarky

Anderson Cooper has been filing in for Regis this past week and he took the opportunity when the conversation turned to reality television to give an absolutely hysterical "review" of LIVING LOHAN, which proved the newscaster has a big sense of humur and a traditionally gay sense of snark - I especially like his Mama Rose voice, and his reference to THE SOUP.

Anderson is in what they call the "glass closet" where is out, but not publicly in media or print (just in that other know, real life). Meanwhile, he did let this reference slip, also last week:

Here's his response to Dina Lohan's response, which was published on the OK web site where she called Cooper's review of her show, "bad karma":

Two Great Events this Weekend!

If you're looking for something fun and cultural to do this weekend in our community, you're in luck! There are two fabulous events happening this weekend.

Come out and do something different with your gay brothers and sisters other than brunch at The Abbey!

The first is the LA Gay and Lesbian Center's yearly wine tasting charity event:

Buy tickets here and support the LA Gay & Lesbian Center!

The second wonderful event is the SeraFemme Music Festival, produced by Marquita Thomas of Out and About Events.

Click here for more info on Serafemme.

This is an INCREDIBLE all-weekend event! Friday night has a meet and greet; Saturday there are panels and workshops with artists from around the country, and Sunday is the musical festival in West Hollywood Park with arts/crafts, vendors and great music from a variety of artists across the country.

Click below to enlarge the schedule of events:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What the Gays are Watching on YouTube

Paris Hilton responds to the McCain commercial against Obama featuring Hilton and Britney Spears.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

The trailer for Oliver Stone's new film, W about our beloved president.

Bill O'Reily freaking out:

TOP GUN has always been considered very "gay", but now it's very lesbian in TOP GUN: THE MUSICAL

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Comic Con 2008: IT'S SO GAY!

Just how gay is Comic Con? Well, take a look at this video for the answer. It's Kristin Chenoweth singing SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW during the PUSHING DAISIES panel.

Comic Con used to be just about comic books, but in 1976 George Lucas debuted photos from STAR WARS and a few years later had the world premier of the trailer for EMPIRE STRIKE BACK at the convention, which opened the door for movie studios to pimp their scifi and fantasy films to this day.

As Stan Lee said this year, "Hollywood has become part of Comic Con". Cue the big stars. In the past Charlize Theron has shown up (for Aeon Flux), Angelina Jolie for Tombraider, Keanu Reeves, Hugh Jackman and many more.

My neighbor Niki drove down to watch one of the many panels (this one was all A list directors). She said, "By the time I got to San Clemente it was a parking lot - everywhere I looked it was town cars and limos." All of Hollywood was heading South for the convention.

Just how gay was it? The hotties there included: former underwear model Mark Wahlberg promoting the big screen version of the video game MAX PAYNE, super hunk (and Broadway star portraying uber gay Peter Allen, or Mr Liza Minelli) Hugh Jackman was pimping the new X MEN IV about Wolverine, Brendan Frasier (still hot) was down pimping THE MUMMY 25 (or whatever), dirty-filthy-sexy Jason Statham was down there for DEATH RACE and something for the lesbians, Catherine Harwick's new vampire film TWILIGHT and Jennifer Connolly was down for THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.

Probably the most anticipated film was THE WATCHMAN based on the award winning graphic comic of the same name published by DC Comics in 1986. It's the only comic to ever win the Hugo Award, and it's a brilliant deconstructionist telling of the superhero genre, with dark, intertwining stories of complicated characters set against the cold war. In fact, the creators of LOST have credited THE WATCHMEN as their inspiration.

I'm not sure how I feel about Zack Snyder directing. He helmed the film version Frank Miller's graphic novel 300, which was homo erotic to say the least, but a little too computer animated for my taste.

Was Ridley Scott not available people? (I'm currently waiting for the special edition BLADE RUNNER director's cut number 6579 from Amazon. Yes, I have seen numbers 1-6578, most in theatres over the years.).

Meanwhile, they also screened TROPIC THUNDER and the new animated Star Wars film, THE CLONE WARS, which you know, I could give a fuck I am so over George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise.

I'm profoundly embarrassed to this day that I skipped school in the tenth grade to stand in line 3 hours to see THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, just so it could all culminate years later into three films that provided me with the deepest sleep I've had all decade.

Let's not even talk about how many hours I spent in the garage with the models for the Millennium Falcon and X Wing fighters. I'm ashamed I bought into that franchise. By the way, if anyone wants to see the original Star Wars, rent THE HIDDEN FORTRESS made my Kurosawa in 1958.

All photos and video for this article were provided by Tom Stilling who - along with 80% of the gay men I know - went to San Diego for the convention. If you notice the cuties in these photos, you'll see why it's so gay.

Monday, August 4, 2008

John Waters to pen HAIRSPRAY sequel

The iconic queer filmmaker of the camp hits Cecil B. Demented, Serial Mom, Female Trouble, Mondo Trasho and Pink Flamingos has been summoned by Hollywood to pen a sequel to the smash hit HAIRSPRAY.

New Line Cinema has signed Waters to write the sequel, with out gay director Adam Shankman on board along with out gay composer Marc Shaiman.
Will this one be in sniff-a-rama?

And who else would like to be a fly on the wall in that studio meeting between this anti-Hollywood lenser and the studio brass, the later hoping this new franchise will rival the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL money making empire.

Darling, please write a drag part for Tom Cruise? Really, he could be your new Tab Hunter.

Sunday, August 3, 2008