Monday, July 23, 2007

Has Your Liver Stopped Screaming, Clarice?

Last night was the always infamous AWARDS Night hosted by Bruce Vilanch and starring Momma as the guardian of the plastic Outties, as I believe they are called.

Okay, like what are we on 49 of the festival? Is it me or is this festival lasting longer than the Iran Hostage Crisis?

I'm way too tired to muster up any witty remarks. God. And we have yet ANOTHER NIGHT TO GO.

Okay, kids back downtown to the Orpheum Theatre tonight for the Closing Night Gala screening and premiere of KISS THE BRIDE, by director CJ Cox. Here's the poster for this event:

Is it just me or are there a lot of wedding films this year? Must be working, I actually got a marriage proposal last night. Calm down, it was from a man who I think was drunk and mistook me for Anderson Cooper.

Here's the photos from last night's awards, screening and after party at Eleven. I promise after the festival is over I will type in pithy remarks.

Here I am trying yet again to break into another VIP party.

See directors get a nice, pretty bright pink badge, seen here pictured right.

And they are called "Film makers". This badge gets you into everything. Producers have the lighter shade of pink and they are not called "Film Makers" they are called "Stearage".

I was shunned by the radio personalities when I neglected to save them seats in the theatre.
I have absolutely no idea what Andrea and Chris are doing....some new YMCA gay theme song for the new milenium? Which would be, what... AA? I'm telling you, after 11 days of this festival, I suspect thousands of gays will head to Malibu this weekend to dry out at Promises. Save me some sunscreen and see you there, darlings.

I didn't personally win an Award but here I am showing my trophies anyway.

Judith Light, or as I called her...La a well deserved, 1100 person standing ovation.

The director of SHELTER, Jonah Markowtiz got the Best New Filmmaker Award....which I believe is the same award he got at Philly last week! Congrats, darling!

Dee Rees won two awards for her beautifully made short, PARIAH. It was her NYU thesis film, and she's just moved to LA so welcome to town and start making more movies! (pictured here on LEFT)

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