Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Makes Me Furious

Okay, like seriously, could someone send me some fucking good news, I'm practically on the ledge over here over all the election bullshit and slipping polls with Prop 8 and now this..... THIS! 

Public enemy number one: Rev James Dobson from Focus on the Family.

Our buddies over at Glaad have put a video together of some of Dobson's greatest hits. This was motivated by the Radio Hall of Fame inducting Focus on the Family into it's fold - which pisses me off to no end, but what can be done about that?  It's only going to historically be a tremendous embarrassment to them when the truth about Dobson finally comes out.

Anyway, if you're upset about this (and if you breathe oxygen, you should be) stay tuned to Glaad to support their endeavours in this snake pit:

Believe me, what is depicted in this video only touches the surface of the hate this man spreads, and the power he has over elections.

I'm so mad right now, I'm going to print out that Bloomies coupon (see next post) and go bury myself in some comfort shopping.

Meanwhile - that's right, it's not over yet - you might want to check out this very interesting story about Palin's interview on Dobson's radio show from the Washington Post:

But I warn you, don't read this if you are near breakables or are already suicidal, taking MAO inhibitors or plan on operating heavy machinery.


April said...

An inherent flaw in this sort of argument, and part of why its so offensive, is that it compares my relationship with my girl friend to someone's relationship with their dog. That's insulting and it doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

The sickening thing is that the people spewing such offensive garbage do not see their argument as flawed in any way. No, it doesn't make sense -- nor does the comparison between loving, consensual same-sex couples and pedophiles, but we certainly hear that one quite a bit.

If McCain and Palin actually win the election, I don't know what I'll do. It's an unbearable possibility.