Sunday, October 5, 2008

Diana Cage asks if Lesbians Hire Hookers

In this week's episode of LESBIAN SEX AND SEXUALITY, the documentary show now airing on the here! network and produced by out lesbian producers Katherine Linton and Elaine Epstein, radio talk show host and author Diana Cage takes to the streets (and beyond) to find out if lesbians hire hookers.

The series is hosted by out actor Michelle Wolf (Dante's Cove, Mango Kiss, The Ten Rules), and examines the sex life of lesbians.

Cage is the host of her own show on Sirius Radio, The Diana Cage Show on channel 109 and author of several tawdry and informative books on lesbian sex.

Watch the preview of this episode here.

Ms Cage invited me to be a guest on her radio show a few weeks ago. The following is a bit of that where we talk about being gay male identified, crystal meth addiction, Sarah Palin ("She'd like to shoot homosexuals out of a low flying plane"), the making of SHELTER, behind the scenes at my Advocate cougar shoot, Rachel Maddow, gay youth, Battlestar Galactica, cyber stalking and why people insist on putting lipstick on butches.

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