Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're Losing...

In order for evil to succeed is for enough good people to do nothing.

How can this be?

We cannot lose Prop 8 in California. It's monumental for LGBT rights across this country, as it will start a contagion across the States and help end discrimination and hate. Or spread it. Which do you want?

In the last week, however, we have been back sliding in the polls, and we are losing.

Those who seek to oppose us are edging ahead in the polls now 46% to 42% and basically everyone out here in our movement is freaking out. I absolutely cannot believe that this has a possibility of passing. Why aren't we taking to the streets? Why are we letting this happen?

If you live somewhere and you are not out - either to your family or at work, you must donate to NO ON PROP 8. It's steps like this that will ensure that one day, you can be safely out without fear being disowned or fired. We have to stop the spread of negative rhetoric against us in this country. We are currently the only minority you can legally discriminate against. Is that okay with you?

If these ads they are currently running in California were against Jews or African Americans, it would be un-American, but because it's homosexuals, it seems to be okay. Is it okay with you?

Meanwhile, some of my friends are giving so much. People who really can't afford in this economic environment to be giving as much money as they are. I wonder, however, how much everyone else is giving.

Hateful talk leads to hateful actions. Yes on Prop 8 ads spread negative propaganda against us on tv for everyone to see. Hateful talk leads to hateful actions. "Fag!" being directed at sexually confused or different children in school, leads to suicide and drop outs. Disownment by family and friends leads to isolation and addiction. LGBT people have been beaten and killed, at least once a month somewhere in America.... we have to stop this.

I will write more about the current state of this proposition later, so you can have all the details, but meanwhile, here are the links to donate. Please. If you can only donate $10 or $20, do so. And now you must also talk to your co workers, neighbors, your local grocer if you live in California. If you live elsewhere, reach out to anyone you know in California.

We - meaning you reading this right now - don't have to do much. But we have to do something. You can donate $25 and you can talk to a few people, even if it's only one person - and get them to vote our way.

Personally, I have worn my NO on 8 sticker out during errands, and my grocer and video rental place has asked me about it which gives me the opportunity to talk to them and all around briefly about what it really means.

I've also talked to all my neighbors (perhaps 5 people) - who are all liberal and want us to have rights - but were not aware of this initiative. So I have told them to make sure to vote and make sure to vote NO on 8.

I've also initiated conversations at the dog park when politics arise.

If you live in California, you can all do this! It's a few little things.

Now I'm going to talk to you that work in the movie business. If you work for someone wealthy, ask them to help! It's ridiculous that only Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg have donated $100,000 and no one else. For god's sake, every movie and tv star in this state has their hair and make up done by homos, and probably employ a gay stylist. And seriously, how many gay writers, directors, agents and lawyers are there?

For example, I dated someone once who had been Paul Reiser's assistant back in the day when Mad About You was big. Because she mentioned her sexuality, and was involved - albeit slightly - in lgbt rights, he donated money and appeared at a fundraiser for Glaad and did it in her honor.

They won't do it, if we don't ask.

Once again, I've noticed something just around Los Angeles - some people are giving an incredible amount and I wonder how much others are donating. If you can only donate $50, that's fine! If you are somehow completely broke, you can donate $10 and wear a sticker around! If you can afford $100, push for $200. Just look at how much you spend in a week on dinners, movies rentals and recreation.... whatever that is, skip it for a week, and please... help yourself and our gay brothers and sisters across the country and make the donation.

If you don't believe in gay marriage because you have some old school obtuse belief that you don't want to be part of the straight world or buy into a system which has always excluded us, you need to fucking get over that shit. It's not about marriage. This is a step which leads us to equal rights. You can't have an intellectual, evolved mind and not see that. Anyone who understands the law - or watches Boston Legal - knows the concept of PRECEDENT. Really, you don't have to get married, and once we have some rights in this country, then you can do whatever it is you'd like to see happen instead of marriage. Meanwhile we have to ensure in the books, in the laws that we are seen as equal. Not separate but equal.

I get why you are against gay marriage but for gay rights, but please... please you don't realize that you are wrong on this. We have to pass this. If only every LGBT person in California, one of their friends or co workers and anyone that believes in Civil Rights would vote, we would win.

Okay, one last thing. If you live in California, you are out and you don't have any money or time to give.... at least get yourself one of those lawn signs (like the one pictured above) and put it in your lawn. Seriously, if there is nothing else you can do, can you please at least do this?

I'm not asking because I have some lofty belief in gay marriage (I do believe in gay marriage rights). I am asking because I don't want any more of our gay brothers and sisters to be beaten up, taunted or disowned. The hate being spread by certain large, religious organizations is unacceptable and unAmerican. In tv ads, on television shows and on radio stations across this country.

If you do nothing, you are fine with sitting at the back of the bus. Is that who you are?

If we don't stop them here. And now. It will grow. Those that seek to oppose us really hate us. It won't end here.

As I am typing this, I have my local progressive radio station on in the background. Currently, there is a YES ON 8 ad running now, and I am currently listening to anti gay rhetoric.

Please, make any sort of donation here.

If you live in California, you can also follow the links above and donate by going to a party in your area. Here are a few I just pulled from

And you can also look here. There are house parties and bashes almost every day. Take this opportunity to not only donate and help civil rights, but also meet other like minded individuals in your area.

Calendar of Events/Parties

Pool Party Extravaganza: Northridge Event
Pool Party Extravaganza
A Fundraiser to benefit No on Prop 8
Featuring Superstar DJ Casey Alva
Great music, great company, great drinks (open bar!), great fun!
WHERE:17643 Chase Street
Northridge, CA

WHEN:Saturday, October 11
1:00 - 5:00 pm
$40 suggested donation but please feel free to give more!
Joan Rivers Live! "A Brief Encounter" to Benefit No On Prop 8
Comedic legend Joan Rivers is well known as a hilarious force of nature and one of the hardest working celebrities in the world. Although most people know her for her "red carpet" hosting and time on the Tonight Show, she is also a Tony-nominated actress, best-selling author and Emmy Award-winning television talk-show host.
When: Sunday, October 12, 2008, 8 pm
Where: Birch North Park Theater, 2891 University Avenue, Suite 1, San Diego, California
Ticket prices: $53, $78, $103. To purchase your general admission tickets, please visit
VIP dinner and theater packages are also available at Hawthorn's Restaurant for $150, located within the theater's lobby, at
or by calling Michael Mack at (619) 602-9453.

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