Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ellen's Meltdown

Why is Ellen crying? Sobbing even? Is it because ENDA doesn't include T in the employment discrimination bill? Is it because loyal soldiers are being dishonorably discharged because of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law?


Could it possibly even be the guilt over attending a party and, even though she had a wife at home (remember Alex Hedison?), picked up a cute, younger actress (who was also in an 8 year commited relationship) and started cheating on their partners?

Here's the reason she's crying:

Now, honestly, this woman is a landmark in gay rights. Her "YEP, I'M GAY" cover of TIME, and her courage in making her character a lesbian in her network series - incredible. I don't care if she never mentions gays or gay rights on her very popular daytime show, because she is actually OUT, which is huge for us.

Then there's this. Here's the whole story:

All I have to say is I got my dog at a pound, signed the same agreement and also had a HUGE problem with the dog wanting to eat the cats. And my dog is a PIT MIX! It took a muzzle and about 5 weeks, but now - 3 years later - the dog and cats all sleep on the bed together. Charlie even allows one of the cats to groom her every morning.

(this is me and Charlie on vacation, taken with my friend's camera phone first thing in the morning during our ritual cuddling)

There are so many great organizations in LA that adopt dogs from the pound, foster them and place them in homes. The organizations are funded by donations, and run by volunteers. These rules are in place because so many people adopt, then adandon or give away to an unworthy home. It seems like this particular organization might have taken this too seriously, but a simple call to honor the contract signed would have been nice on Ellen's part. This overreaction, however, on their part is not making their cause look good.

But all that aside, let's discuss the issue, since it's been raised:

There are 3-4 million dogs euthanized in America each year. It is estimated that 17,000 were put to sleep in Los Angeles alone last year. (Which is considerably better than the 2005 statistics: a total of 572,410 dogs and cats were received by all California animal shelters, and 310,337 were euthanized).

Dogs and cats in America exist for one reason - for us. They are our domestic animals, bred for our needs to be our companions, work dogs and guard dogs. If they only exist for us, shouldn't we take responsibility for them, or are we so arrogant that we ignore and dispose of these living things - these souls - as we would a tissue?

I went down to the South LA pound and picked an relatively unassuming little mixed breed. Between the first and second day I was perusing, 7 dogs were put to sleep including my dog's cell mate. Charlie would have been discarded as well had I not been there. Now...that funny little my best friend. She brings so much joy and happiness to my life. She sleeps by me, comes to work with me and even has taken some wonderful vacations with me! She is sweet, caring and sensitive but honestly, a lousy guard dog.

Please...for me...don't buy from a breeder. Don't breed your dog. Please fix your animals. Please consider donating $25 a year to one of the wonderful rescue organizations.

Here's a list in our area:

And here's just a few dogs that are available right now at the same pound where I got Charlie.

To find out more, contact:

And here's how Charlie is doing now, living with a lesbian filmmaker (and cats) in the Valley.

And she also got to star in a fabulous gay film last year, SHELTER!!

Look how method she is! Just like a little Meryl Streep. I'm so proud of her!

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