Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jodie Foster Interview

My dearest, oldest friend Nelson Aspen (the Vera to my Auntie Mame, if you will, although he'll argue that I'm Martha Raye to his Bob Hope) scored and delivered a fabulous one on one interview with Jodie Foster.

That bitch Aspen gets all the fucking good interviews. I didn't talk to him for three months when he had an interview with Meryl Streep and couldn't figure out a way to sneak me in as a gaffer or craft service girl. BITCH!

Anyway, enjoy!

Nelson regailed folks with tales of our early days of traipsing through Hollywood with divine decadence in one of his recent blogs:

Nelson's Blog and Naughty Tales of Our Adventures

Yes, we did have some OUTrageous adventures, most I'm sure will be caught up in bitter litigation when we decide to write our memoirs.

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