Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Exes and Ohs Premiere Party

LOGO's Dave Mace and Pam Post threw a little party last night at....yes, where else but ELEVEN...to celebrate the premiere of their new lesbian comedy EXES AND OHS.

Director and Executive Producer Lee Friedlander, looking smoking HOT sashaying down Santa Monica Blvd with her GF Marianna on the way to the party.

Cathy DeBuono from EXES AND OHS and OUT AT THE WEDDING looking smoking hot ordering a cocktail.

For those of you in combat in Iraq, you can download a photo of Cathy for the side of your tank at www.cathydebuono.com

Megan Cavanaugh (who you might remember from her hysterical role in LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN) with author and karaoke queen Lisa Dickey.

FOr some reason, the show made all the lesbians hang on a gay man immediately following the screening.

Lesbians chatting about lesbian things.

The incredibly talented Production Designer of EXES and OHS (and NOAH'S ARC) and an award winning producer Candi Guterres with actress/model Michelle Wolff.

You can download a photo of Michelle Wolff for your locker or tank, as it may be, at: www.michellewolff.com

This is the look I always get on my face when I spot Dave Mace at a party. For some reason, I just ADORE him (what's not to love, right). I think we were like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in a previous life or something.

Here I am with my partners in crime in this life: Laura and Gina (fabulous Producers of wonderful gay films) and Doria Biddle (my partner in crime in making Buster Keaton-esque social commentary youtube videos)...

...and director/producer and pied piper of lesbians, Ms Andrea Meyerson and her posse.

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