Tuesday, April 22, 2008

White Party 2008 - Palm Springs

I really didn't want to go to the White Party. I mean, I've been hearing about these circuit parties for year so I just assumed it was all drugs, dancing, and half naked men. You know me, I'd rather be home watching a rerun of Meerkat Manor.

But alas, I forgot White Party would be full of one of the things I love most in the world...gay men! So I had a blast.

Here's my video of the Tea Dance on Sunday afternoon (including the fireworks at the grand finale). 

If you look closely you'll see a bunch of my friends including Guy B, DJ Kathy Valenti, Wilson Cruz, Mariah Hanson, Brian Putnam, Nick V, Tony D, DJ Casey, Kevin Stea, Frank Morales, Alec Mapa, Andrew Oldershaw, Woody, Elliot, Brandon and basically the rest of the video is a sea of man flesh.

Man flesh, I tell ya.

I also included the dance lesson I got that morning from my friend Luigi. I had to learn a few dance moves so I could look all HIP on the dance floor. I mean, gay men dance very well, so I had to keep up with the Jones. Luigi I think was a wonderful teacher and hopefully I fit in on the dance floor.


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