Thursday, September 25, 2008

Starring in FREAKY FRIDAY Will Make You A Lesbian!

In yet another entry in the "duh" files (two in a row now), Lindsay Lohan confirmed her relationship with Samantha Ronson on a local LA radio show the other night, followed by a fun evening of romantic photo ops at the Emmy's.

If you're been keeping track, Ms Lohan has not gotten into any trouble, arrested for DUI or thrown into rehab since being involved in this lesbian love relationship.


For the full story on Lohan from REUTERS click here to go to blogs.reuters/fanfare

In similar news, Jodie Foster also came out in a subtle way last December at a Hollywood Reporter luncheon when she thanked her partner, Cydney after being together fourteen years and having two children together.

A few months after that, Foster was in a new relationship with screenwriter/producer Cynthia Mort.


Well, I think coming out early in life might be a good thing.

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Tweaker Guy said...

I, for one, am so happy that Lindsay is not only doing better, but also came out!

I guess our little stint in rehab together really did the trick. I will now take full credit for all her recent personal growth as well as any future sucess she may experience.

Love you Linds,

Gay Tweaker Guy!!