Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fresno Reel Pride 2008: The Weekend - The Filmmakers Have Landed

Hello Darlings,

First of all...okay, the town is called "Clovis", not Clover - I am so brain dead from the lack of sleep because of the bevy of activities up here!

And I did go there yesterday ready for a fight with some right wing republicans, and I found that a lot of people commented favorably on my NO ON 8 button, so there it is.

Secondly, I have not seen a cow yet. What the fuck? I thought it was rural here!

So, the films have been fantastic, and starting Friday all the filmmakers from around the country flew in. I'm going to post most of the photos below.

Jon Carroll and I did a wonderful radio show on Friday where I got to find out more about the lgbt community in Fresno. It was KFCF with Jeff and Kirk and the show was It's a Queer Thang.  I love how they warned us not to swear or get too controversial considering the right likes to listen in and find any excuse to pull them off the air or fine them.  They play every 3rd Friday of the month starting at 5 pm.

Here I am with director Jane Clark with the local rally outside the theatre for NO ON 8.

Everyone in my cast noted at dinner that you would never see this in LA outside of OUTFEST. For a rural area, there is a lot of community spirit and support. The Gay/Straight Alliance is always in the lobby, and there are several organizations and groups that raise money for various LGBT causes.  Even the bear/leather/porn stars put on shows that raise money for the LGBT community here.

I've actually been listening to a lot of local radio whilst here - all Bible, all Right wing and Jesus Christ, Hannity's show like runs 24/7 here.  What is he, the new Elvis?

I've met three of the most fabulous New York actors that flew out here with Casper Andreas' BETWEEN LOVE AND GOODBYE. .  Jane, Rob and Simon - look for them in the photos below.

Also, two of my favorite comedians are visiting from NY with LAUGHING MATTERS:  THE NEXT GENERATION - Amy Tee and Gloria Bigelow.  Ryan and Daniel are also up here - but they're local LA guys.  I like spending time with our LGBT folks from NY since I never get to see them.

I have to dart out to what I'm sure is going to be an action packed day yet again. The short I produced is playing today in the Boys Shorts and there are six very attractive actors here from the cast.  2 pm at the TOWER.

If you're local, make sure to catch the live show of LAUGHING MATTERS on Monday night.  It's fantastic and it'll seriously be the highly of this season and you probably will be able to forget just for an hour that the stock market just lost your entire 401K.

Anyway, I am off to the brunch now at Salazar's. Looking forward to hanging out with more of those BIKERS!

Also, I have my beloved Charlie with me (you might remember her from my film SHELTER where she beautifully played "Dog on Beach"), so there's some photos of us in the hotel room.

Kisses, tootles, JD

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