Sunday, September 7, 2008

Really good Point of the Day

If you watched the fascist rally last week - I mean the RNC - you'll know they attempted to make "community organizer" a bad word. They even got their crowd to cheer and boo on this topic.

It's to discredit Obama and his history in community organizing in Chicago.  More so, to show Palin has more experience because being a Governor is a better political background than being a "community organizer". The word alone during the RNC made people boo.

The following tid bit comes from the Frangela Show today on AM1150 from a caller:

The following people were also community organizers:

Mother Theresa
Harriet Tubman
Martin Luther King
Susan B Anthony

"And I believe they got things done," said by the caller.

Would the RNC "boo" these community organizers?

What about John Adams and THomas Jefferson back when the British ran this country?

Okay darlings, in my never ending commitment to making your life better, let me give you this happy making tip. If you don't know Frangela yet, you must know Frangela!

Just trust me and set your alarm radio and - if you drive to work - your car radio to AM 1150 during the morning all next week when Frangela fills in for Stephanie Miller. 6:00 - 9:00 am.

You'll thank me later.

What is Frangela, and why does JD love them so much? 

Frangela is the name given to Frances Callier and Angela V Shelton. They are writers/comedians and performers and their indepth and outrageous take on politics will make you think, inspire you and seriously make you LAUGH OUT LOUD. 

They are hysterically funny, irreverent and they nail the issues with incredible insight.

During their weekend shows I will literally laugh out loud at least 5 times.

Regarding the fight against the ban on gay marriage (VOTE NO on 8, California!) they say this, "Since when in this country do we vote on Civil Rights"?

And they referred to the Republican party as "the tyranny of the minority".

I know most of y'all are around America and international so you can listen to them now through their podcasts available here.

If you live in other countries, listen to this and you'll know what most Americans really think of this country and the election. It's sad that most national media won't address  what people are thinking.

This is going to be an exciting week! 

Locally, put your radio in the morning to Am 1150 and get ready to start your day off with a big laugh. When you get home, tune in to MSNBC at 9:00 PM Pacific time for the premier of THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW with my new hero, the out lesbian newcaster:  Rachel Maddow.

Here's a video you can watch of Frangela that I shot last night at the Young Stonewall Hero Awards.

They address: homophobia, slavery, and compare the RNC to "Springtime for Hitler" from The Producers.

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Michelle said...

I laughed out loud. I didn't want to but I did:)