Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thrills, chills, Cocktails, Civil Disobedience, Cha cha cha....

I am so excited about this week's mixer, darlings. 

Ever since I was a little baby dyke (okay, shut up people that know me, I realize I was actually a little show tune gay boy - I mean, I was playing the Broadway recordings of My Fair Lady and Camelot on my Fisher Price record player when I was 5) - anyway, I always wanted to host my own version of the Algonquin Round Table - where smart people gather for clever discourse on the arts and politics, get dishy and aren't afraid to get all anti-establishment speaking out for civil rights and against war.

If that's your idea of fun, come on down as I'm reviving political discourse, snarkiness and civil disobedience in an atmosphere of networking and cocktailing!

I'm so excited this week because in addition to some fun surprises, we have special guests! In the spirit of TheSmokingCocktail these folks are outspoken, clever and hysterically funny. I mean, laugh out loud funny and of course, never afraid to speak their minds on politics or equal rights. 

I'm psyched if you don't know them already to introduce you to lesbian comedy superstar Suzanne Westenhoefer and radio personalities (and so much more) Frangela, aka Francis Callier and Angela V Shelton.

Back in the day when no one was OUT, Suzanne actually came out as a lesbian on the comedy circuit. This was back when Rosie and Ellen were still in the closet. She was the first lesbian to have her own HBO special, and ever since has been wowing crowds around the country with her sharp wit.

Frangela is the name given to the writing/acting duo of Francis Callier and Angela V Shelton. You might know them from VH1's Best Week Ever, but they also host a radio show and shot a pilot for Fox last year. 

Last week when they filled in for the national radio program The Stephanie Miller Show, not a day went by that they didn't 
mention our struggle here in California to defeat Prop 8 - usually shouting, "Since when in this country do we vote on Civil Rights? No on hate. No on 8."

This week, we're also having our fabulous raffle giveaways that are free to enter for wonderful dvds/dvd box sets of gay and gay sensibility programs. It's free to enter because I know at the end of the night ya'll are going to write a check for a much bigger amount for NO ON 8. Right?

Also, until 8 pm, it's half price everything at the bar.

Now, a little video on our special guests!

Here's a special behind the scenes video of Suzanne's sold out Dinah Shore show, with green room interviews with Suzanne, Doria Biddle, Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono, Elizabeth Keener from The L Word and so many more as we sip champagne and frolic in the VIP room. Suzanne also pulls off her shirt to show her tattoos (but not all of them)

Suzanne is gearing up for a super rare Los Angeles area performance! More info at www.womenonaroll.com We'll also be giving away two tickets to this!

Here's Frangela speaking at the Young Stonewall's Hero awards. I mean, this is so funny I could cry.

And here they are on VH1's BEST WEEK EVER talking about Sherri Shepherd

"You have to work hard for me to think Elizabeth is smarter than you!"

"She is the biggest f*cking idiot ever. Of all time. She rivals the people that poisoned Socrates for asking too many questions."

For more hysterical clips, and info on their upcoming Thursday show in LA, go their web site at www.frangela.com

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