Friday, September 12, 2008

Real Journalism Found Surprisingly today on The View as they go after McCain and Wife

I am probably going to have to take back everything bad I've ever said about Barbwa WaWa after today's THE VIEW.

Of all the journalists, in all the radio and television studios in the world, McCain walked into The View.

And the ladies brought him to task.

In McCain's defense, he sits there and takes it. He also stays calm.

Behar, Walters and Goldberg (who asked McCain if she should be worried about the US going back to slavery?!) all took him to task.

ALSO GAY TIVO ALERT GAY TIVO ALERT: This Saturday is the season premier of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, and you know they are going to have a field day with all of this!

Lorne Michaels is currently in talks with Tina Fey to play Palin (told you).

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