Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ellen and Portia Appear at Fundraiser over the Weekend

Talk show host and out lesbian Ellen DeGeneres and her wife actress Portia DeRossi attended a YES! On Prop 2 House Party last Sunday night in Los Angeles (pictured left c/o Getty Images)

Prop 2 is the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act.

"It makes no sense to confine animals in tiny cages their whole lives with no chance to stand up, turn around, or extend their limbs. I'm voting yes because I care about the humane treatment of all animals, including farm animals." – Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen cares so much she had the president of the Humane Society of America, Wayne Pacelli, on her show last Friday to bring attention to our country of the inhumane treatment of animals in the US due to factory farming.

I know a lot of you make fun of me at fundraisers and parties when the server brings a plate of chicken satay around on a platter and I have to stop to say a small prayer and then ask our god father to forgive us humans for doing this, as I mumble heavenwards "they know not what they do", but you know, there it is.

As with any corrupt big business/corporate money-making system deregulated by the government, factory farming in this country doesn't work for anyone on any level.

First, it's inhumane to animals. Secondly, it puts real farmers out of business (which is really sad if you consider that some families have been farmers for generations), and thirdly it produces extremely unhealthy meat for consumers (full of hormones, antibiotics - not to mention a million stress and pain chemicals the animal produced under these conditions).

It's sad that we have to vote on issues like this and force people to be kind, just like we have to urge people to believe in Civil Rights with the No on Prop 8 issue, but there it is.

Here's a video that shows this issue. You might want to look away at the very beginning as it is violent, but stay tuned because many people discuss all the issues involved in factory farming.

Here is an interview I saw last year with famed chef and restauranteer Wolfgang Puck about him going free range at all his establishments last year.

Please consider making a donation by click here for http://yesonprop2.com/.

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