Friday, September 19, 2008

Fresno Reel Pride 2008 - Day one

Hello darlings! I'm in Fresno for Reel Pride 2008 and I have my dog Charlie with me!

I didn't really get a lot of pictures of Thursday night, although it was an absolutely blast (the press photographer has to teach class at 7 am, so check back for official photos!)

Meanwhile, I'm staying at the Fresno Holiday Inn that has a glorious indoor pool with a waterfall. I know, at a Holiday Inn!

I headed over to the glorious TOWER Theatre (built in 1939) last night and was immediately greeted by all the Fresbians I've come to know and love over the years! 

Then we closed the place down at the Girl After Party.
I'm very excited because I figured there might be a lot of Republicans here and I'm on a mission to make sure everyone votes Democrat.  I was told to go to a nearby town named "Clover" so heading there today and start changing hearts and minds.

Today, a gaggle of some of my favorite film people are coming up including the stars of NEUROTICA, Casper Andreas with his features, director Jane Clark, the entire cast of LAUGHING MATTERS THE NEXT GENERATION, my friend Laurence - it's just going to be a heck of a party!

Have to run, but I'll be doing a guest spot with Jon Carroll at 5 pm on a local radio show called THE QUEER THING, so if you know where or what that is, tune in.

Charlie and I are off to the dog park now. More later. Kissing the air next to your cheek!


Adventures in Babymaking said...

I've been lurking for quite awhile. It's nice to have you in Fresno. Looking forward to the Vlog!

Anonymous said...

it's CLOVIS not clover and there are lots of gays there too. even gay business owners! its a tiny town, no worries.

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so hard. The town is Clovis not Clover.
I am originally from San Francisco but now live (usually say staying) in Fresno. i also went to real pride last night. I am sorry I didn't see you as I love your blog.