Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The trailer has just come out for the biopic about gay rights activist Harvey Milk, starring Sean Penn in the starring role, with uber Producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks (American Beauty, Pushing Daisies) at the helm and Gus Van Sant in the director's chair.

I got goose bumps.

The following photo was from VANITY FAIR last month:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this trailer to awareness! It looks great! And it's great to see Sean Penn surrounded by immense talents like Josh Brolin, James Franco, and Victor Garber -- and, of course, San Francisco!! :-)

Sarah in Chicago said...

It's funny, I just put a blog entry up about this film myself on my blog.

But yeah, I got shivers from the trailer too, and I'll be there on opening night.

Though I do have one complaint however, and I said this on my blog so do forgive me for repeating myself, but this comes out Nov. 26th, and the vote for Prop. 8 goes down Nov. 4th.

Would it have been too much to do to have this released in mid-October? In honour of Milk knowing the vote to come?

Just something I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

I posted earlier with my first comment about the film. I just saw this trailer again, but with more ease. And much like you, JD, and Sarah in Chicago, it did give me chills. The look of the film is just so genuine to the time, and it certainly brings A LOT of memories back to me. I was 8 years old, living in San Francisco, when I remember hearing of Milk and Moscone's slaying. It certainly looks like a powerful production, and I can't wait to see it this fall. Thanks again for posting the trailer!

Roberta Marie Munroe said...

JD your constant and amazing work on behalf of the community is astounding. I know I've said it before but THANK YOU for doing what you do. I cannot wait to buy you a martini ;-)
xoxo Roberta