Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin/Caribou Barbie

Left wing pundits have nicknamed Sarah Palin "Caribou Barbie" because of her hunting hobby.

In fact, one of the things she's accomplished in Alaska as governor is a program to reward hunters for each Gray Wolf shot - and to make it easier she also allowed shooting bears and wolves from airplanes.

There is something called "predator control", which means allowing hunters to shoot wild animals to control overpopulation, but the reason she has passed these laws is basically so there can be more moose and caribou for hunters for sport.

To read an open letter to Gov Palin from over 20 scientists regarding this policy click here.

Also, in the picture above, why isn't McCain's adopted daughter from Bangladesh included in the photo?!

Is it because Bridget is dark skinned? More on that story tonight, after my coverage of the RNC: Day Two. Believe me, it's a good story.

Meanwhile, I'll include a photo to the left of the McCains in earlier days when Bridget was included in the campaign, circa 1999. McCain actually has 7 children, 3 are adopted.

Cindy McCain adopted Bridget - along with another baby - while visiting Mother Theresa's orphanage. Both babies needed medical attention - Bridget had a cleft mouth. It was an impromptu decision and Cindy made the officials sign the paperwork. A family friend adopted the other baby, while the McCain's adopted Bridget.

Back to Palin - No friend to the polar bear, she also tried to have them taken off the endangered species list. She also firmly believes that global warming is NOT man made.

Sarah Palin speaks tonight at the Republican National Convention.

300 people were arrested for protesting outside the RNC last night amidst tear gas and rubber bullets ( including journalists), so it'll be curious to see what happens tonight.

Is it me, or are there more people outside protesting then people inside attending the RNC?

"A breath of fresh air" is how Thompson described Palin last night.

Meanwhile, as much as can be said against her, there is no way they will withdraw her considering her strong Evangelical support. I think they are seriously underestimating the voters.... which is hard for me to say, but really.

Pictured left, Sarah Palin in her office where the carcass of a bear adorns her couch. I'm not sure what's up with that giant crab - maybe a sci fi fan?!

Meanwhile, her 17 year old daughter Bristol is unwed and pregnant. I found some photos of her offspring.

Bristol Palin with friend. You know, as a gay person, generally when you see people like this you don't hold hands with your partner around them.

Bristol Palin with friend. And another girl.

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