Monday, September 8, 2008

Michelle Obama Dances with a Lesbian!!!


Angie5x5 said...

Michelle Obama danced with Ellen DeGeneres (followed by an extreme straight girl hug), but am I the only one who was disappointed when Michelle congratulated Ellen on her . . . show's move to the Warner Bros lot? Hello, Michelle - is there anything else for which you would like to congratulate Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres?

Anonymous said...

No kidding, angie5x5. That moment was awkward. I loved it when Ellen reintroduced the "invisible topic" by asking Michelle for marriage advice.

Michelle Obama was unable to congratulate Ellen on her wedding because her husband is officially opposed to same-sex marriage. The fact that he is also opposed to same-sex marriage bans is very confusing (but that's nasty politics for ya). Barack is in favor of "some rights" for gay and lesbian couples, but not marriage.

I'm definitely going to vote for the guy, but he's far from being perfect.