Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brad PItt donates $100,000 to NO ON 8. Is Surprised More Celebs have not

LOS ANGELES — Brad Pitt has donated $100,000 to fight California's November ballot initiative that would overturn the state Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

"Because no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn't harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8," Pitt said Wednesday.

Trevor Neilson, Pitt's political and philanthropic adviser, told The Associated Press that Pitt was surprised that his colleagues in the entertainment industry had not donated more money to support the battle against Proposition 8.

The current status shows that the opposition to us is raising money 3 -1 over us, so now is the time to write a check!!!

When you start seeing the insidious anti gay commercials on tv in a few weeks, it will be too late, so donate now even if it's just $25.

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