Friday, November 21, 2008

Watch Video: Republican Mayor cries while Coming Out For Gay Marriage

Do you think he's crying because he feels for us, or because he knows he's going to lose all the Republican votes in his re election? Either way, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders shocked everyone when he changed his mind about gay marriage and signed a resolution to the city attorney to file a brief in support of gay marriage. He originally released a statement saying he would veto it and has been vocal against gay marriage in the past.

PS: This video is from 2007!
Thanks Craig for sending this!


Anonymous said...

I remember when he made the speech and I was glad he did because it was shortly after his daughter had said that she was gay. That is why I think he changed his vote. He realized that his daughter and her rights were so important to him.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sanders has a lesbian adult daughter so they both have been vocal about No on 8. Isn't it awesome when a politician dad is publicly supportive of his lesbian offspring?

Anonymous said...

I don't see a politician here, I see a parent in the painful process of acceptance at a price. It seems very personal since he mentions his daughter is gay.

If we want to build the support for full lgbt acceptance then we need to respect the fact that there is an emotional process that our potential allies must go through as they move toward support our causes. Knowing and loving someone who is gay changes people. Cyber hugs to Jerry. Thanks JD for featuring this.

Karen Norris(a gay Aunt of Shannon Connlly-the Lesbian in Paris)

karenano said...

I don't see a politician, I see Jerry as a parent becoming an LGBT ally. He mentions that his daughter is gay. If we want to create more straight allies, we must respect that there is an emotional process that they must go through as they move to acceptance.

Cyberhugs from me in Pennsylvania to Jerry and his family. Knowing and loving a friend or family member who is gay makes all the difference in helping make change happen.

JD- Thank you for posting this video. I would love to see you interview Larry's gay daughter.

karenano(gay aunt of Shannon Connolly-the Lesbian in Paris)