Friday, November 14, 2008

Video of the YES ON 8 Press Conference Today in Santa Ana

They took a cue from the McCain/Palin campaign and called us "terrorists". A few times just to make sure the branding stuck. Meanwhile, the only people - and I mean ONLY - people to be hurt or attacked during all of this is gay people. There have been numerous attacks by anti-gay people at these rallies. I know, I have been there and seen it.


citizen spot said...

JD, Again, thanks so much for staying on top of this and bringing us the vids and photos. I am hoping for a huge turnout nation wide tomorrow. I know I will be there with my comfortable shoes, makeshift cardboard sign, and my cameras.

Katie said...

sure, makes sense.

we want to be in loving relationships recognized by our state, therefore our frustration must mean we're terrorists.

i learn something new everday!

Anonymous said...

And these are my vids on NO ON 8...

I'll be protesting online, but right there with you in spirit.

PS: JD, thanks for your involvement and your continued support!

Alex Pakzad said...

They're not calling gay people terrorists. Who they're calling terrorists are the fuckers who sent white powder to the Mormon Church. You don't just put a substance that resembles anthrax in an envelope and send it to your opponent for a practical joke. You do it to terrorize, you do it to plant fear. Those kinds of acts, along with the grandma-bullying in Palm Springs and church feces-smearing, are only going to inhibit those great strides we will make in the future.
We have to stand up for ourselves, but keep our decency while doing so.

Most yes on 8ers don't hate us personally, they're just really really stupid. We need to educate, not go on a queer antagonistic spree.