Monday, November 10, 2008

This is Not A Protest

Friends, I have not had time at all to promote my SmokingCocktail Mixer next Wednesday night and I feel horrible because I promised Wolfe Video (lesbian owned video distributor to us for 15 years!!!) and my dear friend Jason Stuart and the talented Michelle Ehlen that I would celebrate their new dvd releases.

Remember these talented out-artists put their heart and soul (and own money!) into making stories about us and for us, so we have to support.  Plus Jason's film is just wonderful - funny and touching, and Michelle's is the LESBIAN TOOTSIE - just hysterical (a woman pretends to be a man for a movie role and falls for the leading actress).

Also my friend Mariah Hanson from The Dinah will be there co hosting... so look out!  There's always a lot of trouble when we're both in the same room at the same time.

So here it is.  I can't say that half way through I won't start yelling TAKE THE STREETS TAKE THE STREETS, so bring your banners just in case.

The stars will be there, as well as some other celebrities and a ton of cool folks I've picked up on the streets.  LITERALLY on the streets of LA during the protests.

I also have tons of L WORD SEASON 5 DVD BOX sets care of SHOWTIME, so just show up and I'll hand 'em out as you arrive.  Also, if you're broke, it's half price drinks until 8 pm.

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