Friday, November 14, 2008

TIVO ALERT: Prop 8 on Oprah and Larry King Live TODAY!!!

Hi fellow disenfranchised yet fabulous citizens of the United States. Here's your TIVO alert.

Rock icon Melissa Etheridge will be appearing on Oprah today. The rocker made a public statement last week that she will NOT be paying State taxes since the passing of Proposition 8. She is married and has children with actress Tammy Lynn Michaels. Etheridge was also on the panel of LOGO's gay presidential campaign last year.

What will happen, what will happen.... tune in to watch!

Also, this evening, Joy Behar is guest hosting LARRY KING LIVE and they will have a panel of people both for and against Prop 8. Remember, if you watch live you can call in.

As a reminder, the LOS ANGELES TIMES yesterday ran an article which confirmed what has been happening - that this national uprising has not been organized or lead, but instead emerged from the combined passion and strength of the American people (like when you look up in the sky and see a flock of birds and they all just suddenly turn right in unison. I mean, you ever wonder how that happens?) and has grown through myspace, facebook and twitter. So, if you don't already, get on those apps and search for the smaller coalitions that are forming and sharing information.

PS: To the person who sent me a comment that they will be rallying in solidarity of our national protest on Saturday at a gay bar in Hong Kong - please send photos! Would love to publish them.

As always, kissing the air next to your cheek,


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