Thursday, November 6, 2008

Videos and Photos from the WeHo Protest! WE TOOK THE STREETS!

Great job on November 5th everyone!!!

We took the streets, and some of those wonderful, crazy kids continued into Hollywood and got arrested. It was covered all over the news, on the radio and even after midnight the radio was announcing that we had CLOSED DOWN Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard!

There is another rally tomorrow, November 6th at the Mormon Temple. 10777 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles at 2pm November 6thClick here for more info.

On Friday, 2 pm, we are taking it the fucking Mormons!!! If you can... I know I really really can't.... but you know I will.... BE THERE.

Rally/Protest/News Conference
Mormon Temple
Friday, November 7th
2 pm - 3 pm
Selby and Santa Monica Boulevard, Westwood

I heard a lot of people talk at the protest that they will protest there as well tomorrow. I also heard folks saying they will protest every single day until this is overturned.

Watch the video from last night:

To read more about the whole thing, please visit Flaming Politics.  I urge you to read this thoughtful, first hand report of the arrest by journalist Japhy Grant.


Anonymous said...

Hi JD,

As usual, this is my contribution for you...

Keep it up! We CAN do it together!

Marquita said...

JD: These are great, thanks for posting. I didn't even know about the Hollywood protest at Hollywood and Highland until this morning.

Is it just me or are you sore, too after last night's rally?? I am absolutely exhausted - I should have done a pre-rally stretch. lol.

Shannon Connolly said...

My friends,

You are awesome. If I weren't on the other side of the world right now, I'd be right there marching with you.

This is not over!!