Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pastor Rick Warren's Message from Saddleback about Homosexual Rights



Daniel Frank said...

In the last 5,000 there have been numerous Indian cultures that have multiple variations of gender roles; not just man and woman. They had an entire continuum of gender. If a man expressed himself as being more female than male, he could partake in the female activities. Native tribes have called such individuals "Two-Spirits" meaning that they have both male and female spirits inhabiting the same earthy vessel. My research showed that Two-Spirits often held important spiritual positions within the tribe. Some of the female bodied Two Spirits rights included the ability to marry another female of the same tribe.

In your face Rick Warren!!!

citizen spot said...

Apparently Rick has never actually studied history. If I recall correctly, marriage was once defined as between an man and his chattel. Oh yeah, and what daniel frank said above.

Staci said...

He quoted Obama & McCain as saying " Marriage is between one man and one women, forever"..... Ironic how McCain is on his second marriage

Moe said...

If you listen closely, you can hear a cat in the background yelling "Bullshit!"

Anonymous said...

ok, I'm not an expert like Rick Warren, but didn't King Solomon have hundreds of wives and hundreds of concubines? I love how these religious a-holes pick and choose what examples to pull from the bible. Even the wailing cat is distressed by him.

Probably our only hope is that he looks like a pale, sweating, walking heart attack.

what a nasty man.