Friday, November 14, 2008

A Letter from a Mormon to the Mormon Church

This morning, my friend Robert requested his removal from the Mormon Church.

Here's his email and the letter he sent.

Hello darling,

Attached is a copy of my formal resignation from the Mormon church. I know that there are many of us gay Mormons out there that no longer attend church, but they are still counting us as members when speaking to the press etc. to promote how large the church is. Resignation is a long process (up to 3 months apparently). If other members wish to follow the same process they should go to There are specific steps that need to be followed. The website also informs you that the church will most likely tell your family and attempt to contact you to disuade you from leaving by calling or sending people to your house (I'm not saying cult, but wow). I'm sending my letter today and urge others that no longer wish to be associated with these bigots to do the same.



Anonymous said...

You know, its heartbreaking that someone would have to leave their religion in order to simply be the person that they are.

I am up here in Canada watching this prop 8 stuff play out and I'm in tears daily, sometimes with Pride for my community and sometimes with rage for the right wingers and the fundies. Always with tears of the deepest sorrows for the pain that my brothers and sisters have to endure. This is not just Cali, this is a matter of the whole world and justice for all.

I wish to say to the author of this letter - you may have lost your "religion" dear one but keep the Faith - justice will prevail.

Whatever God you love loves you too just the way you are and I refuse to accept it any other way.

Sallee Meier said...

I have not considered myself mormon for the last 9 years. I also never really felt the need to go have my name removed off the records...until now. On November 5th, I got the Bishop's number. Last week, I did the same thing. There was finally something to really get me away from that and not affiliated with such an establishment that would do something hateful in the name of God.