Thursday, November 6, 2008

Very Important Message About Today's Protest in Los Angeles


A few things, and I write this with haste because there is so much organizing going on with so many people.

First, we need everyone who can to show up at today's Rally which will be at 2 pm at the Mormon Temple in Los Angeles.

10777 Santa Monica Boulevard

Second, please remember we love Mormon people. We cannot - and I know you don't want to - judge or hate human beings. Don't do to them what they are doing to us. I know wonderful Mormon people. Many who love and accept their gay children. Okay? Truth.*

We just think it's wrong to use tax excempt dollars to discriminate and hate. The leaders are misleading their flock. This is VERY dangerous and could lead to even more hell for us gays in very short order. I believe their church leaders are horrible, evil people.

Also, this is not about The Mormons, k? Focus on the Family hates us just as much. Furthermore, there is also a large population of people that just don't know us. They are afraid of what they don't know or understand. We have to let them know us... and see us for the beautiful, tender people we are.

Third, we just need to show up at this rally en masse because WE NEED NATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE!!!

So, so, so important.

Last night's rally was a huge success.. mainly due to a crowd of young people of ethnically diverse people that left the rally and took the streets....all over Los Angeles in four separate groups that continued protesting WAY PAST MIDNIGHT.

This gives us news coverage. We need news coverage.

One last very, very important thing..... bring your cameras, bring your video.

We have youtube, facebook and myspace now and we will not be silenced.

The news will not broadcast the police brutality last night. The news even reported "hundreds of people" when there were clearly THOUSANDS.

Believe me, I was there. All of Los Angeles was like a police zone with helicopters and swat teams all night.

Please come. Please bring your cameras and video equipment. Please post those.

If you can't be there today, please... come out and be proud. Come out to your family, come out to your co workers. Be proud. That is huge. That is bigger than carrying a thousand banners in a thousand marches.

One more thing - I know we don't always agree with everything all the gay organizations do...BELIEVE ME, Christ I get so mad some times. But this is a time of solidarity. Show up in numbers. If you don't like what one group or one person is doing, start your own rally. I will support you.

And in final, we shall overcome.


* Thank you filmmaker Melanie McGraw for sending this:
Please go to this link.

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