Monday, November 3, 2008

Grey's Anatomy CANCELS Lesbian Storyline and Fires Actress

After the heart felt "coming out" scene last week by one of the doctors on the popular show Grey's Anatomy (tears and all!), the actress was told the storyline was being axed and she was being fired.

Grey's had just started a lesbian storyline this season between two of the doctors, played by Sara Ramirez and Brooke Smith. Last week, after having sex with her co worker Dr Hahn cried and proclaimed "I am so gay!" Then walked off the set and got fired.


In fact, this week's episode of Grey's will be the LAST you see of Dr. Hahn. She was fired and told it came down from the network. Smith had just moved her entire family out to California for the show.

To read the full story, plus an interview with Smith, click here.


citizen spot said...

They fired Brooke Smith?!?! Idiots!This member of the ideal demographic of viewers coveted by advertisers will not be seeing any of their costly advertisements, as I will no longer waste my valuable time watching Grey's Anatomy.

ChadDarnell said...

I AM SO DISGUSTING BY THIS!! Brooke's "coming out" scene was so beautifully written and I'm sure it's going to be replicated in many high school monologue auditions.

And Brooke is a doll. I worked with her on CROSSING JORDAN. This is just unforgivable.

And it sounds like she just gets in her car and drives off.

lesbian storyline = sweeps and nothing more said...


It will save them the energy of writing both characters as confused bisexuals [lesbian storyline my ass], and having them both in relationships with men next season.

TV does a terrible job of portraying so-called lesbian relationships.

Sorry to hear the actress lost her job, though.

Daniel Frank said...

This is really sick. They say she wasn't fired for playing a lesbian because there is a lesbian character on the show. (Dr. Torres)

Dr. Torres is NOT a lesbian!! She still sleeps with McSteamy and ENJOYS it.

I would like to know what the real reason is for Smith being fired, unfortunately we may never know.

On the heels of such a disappointing outcome with Prop 8, I am seriously considering no longer watching this program.